Each month, we are introducing you to our ten favourite new or newly discovered Instagrammers. Who managed to inspire us, make us laugh, think, cry? Or all of the above.

1. James and Rachel and sunshine

For James and Rachel, this yellow VW bus changed everything. It was summer 2007, ‘Sunshine’ was standing on a Kmart parking lot in California and the two friends knew it would have to be theirs. From then on, exploring the US suddenly became a lot more fun – and slow. ‘Sunshine’ can’t go faster than 55mph so that’s where the idle in @idletheorybus comes from.

2. Iyounks Lee

Choirul is an Indonesian photographer and all round Instagram pro. His light, airy shots often show people in nature and have a playful freedom to them. Indonesia was never too high up on my where-to-next-list, but his stuff makes me reconsider and think about how on earth I could get myself on that mountain below as soon as possible.

Aku lupa caranya hidup, karena di dalam hariku hanya hadirmu satu-satunya yang aku hirup.

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You know that feeling where you love someone so much that you can get close enough? well…

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3. Daily Doodlegram

Quick snaps from our daily lives are fun and all, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes these endless feeds showing latte art, beautifully arranged flowers and flawless apartments can be a bit bland. It’s particularly refreshing to have a couple of illustrators among my faves, and Daily Doodlegram would have to be No. 1. Here’s why.

@micha_hershlikevitch @lisadangler

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4. Saskia Bauermeister

Oh Hedwig is an extremely gifted German photographer whose beautiful ginger hair makes gasp every time! She’s got an excellent taste in interior (look at the colour of her walls!) and that warm autumn feel to everything she posts – couples, ocean waves or plants – is totally addictive.


☁️ Good morning.

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5. Astro Hugh

I have this particular fascination with the universe. Then again, who doesn’t? I could spend hours laying on the grass and staring into a starry sky. Unfortunately, Berlin’s bright city lights seem to chase away most of the stars. Good thing Mr Astro Hugh is now bringing planets, constellations and anything that will make your eyes go “Wow!” to your Instagram feed. Fall in love with nothing less than the whole wide universe itself here.

6. Monika Kanokova 

Monika is a freelance community strategist and an allround inspiration. On Instagram, she shares her current projects, coffee cups and advice to fellow freelancers and creatives. We’ve interviewed her here if you want to find out why her newsletter is one of the very very few that I actually open every week!

oh, wow, #berlin, I think I'm falling for you all over again. #igersberlin

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7. The New Yorker

Photojournalism in 2015 often means war and conflict photography. The photostream of The New Yorker‘s picture desk is a vibrant mixture – and I never thought I would say that – of relevant current events and random glimpses into individual’s lives. Think Halloween in Las Vegas, the Crimea crisis and women empowerment in Ghana.


Photo by @rossmcdonnell. Donetsk. A child plays with the pigeons near a statue of Lenin, a ubiquitous presence in Soviet-era cities. Today's images are about symbols and signifiers. Since the conflict began between Ukraine and pro-Russiaian Separatists in 2014, the Ukrainian government passed a stringent De-Communisation law dictating the country be stripped of all of it's communist-era symbolism. News images have seen statues of Lenin toppled, painted blue and yellow and even, recently, turned into Darth Vader's. Soviet icons have been systematically removed and a chapter of history is being re-written, as Ukrainians sever symbolic ties with their Soviet past. It is a different story in the self-declared Donetsk People's Republic however, where pro-Russian symbolism is everywhere and history is also being rewritten, resurrected and re-configured, albeit with a different narrative at its core. #lenin #symbols #soviet #blackandwhite #pigeons

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8. Emily Katz

When I look at Emily’s apartment, I instantly feel more relaxed. Her lifestyle – or at the least the part she puts on Instagram – makes me believe that there’s a bit of beauty left on this earth. She lives in Portland (where else!?) and really knows her interior porn. Check out her plants and disturbingly great taste here.

Adding to the Kilim party over here with a vintage pillow from @whimsyandrow

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9. Quarter Life Poetry

Do you know that feeling when life has suddenly become so absurd when everything you really wanna do is splash some colours on paper and let it all out? Thing is, most of us aren’t very good at the latter. Luckily, Quarter Life Poetry did the job for us, she also went on the most awkward of dates and job interviews in this world so that we feel less alone. Oh, it’s not easy to be m… in your mid-twenties!



10. Teresa Freitas

Teresa loves the sea – it’s a major source of inspiration to her photography and art. Her photos are a lot more surreal, dreamy and overall imaginative than most of what you’ll see on Instagram. Plus, she’s from Cascais, Portugal. Gotta love those minimalist blue tiles. Follow! 

Excuse me, you've got something on your face Created for #almahasercomp

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There's something very satisfying in going to the beach on a foggy day

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What have been your favourite snaps on Instagram this month? Make sure to follow our travels too!