Had enough? Want to get out? In need of some seaside healing maybe? Trust me, we’ve all been there. At times you just have to switch off your mind as well as your everyday life and exchange scenery with some wonderful shades of blue, ideally in the shape of an ocean. Better still, a stretch of fine, white sand attached to said ocean. There are a ton of wonderful beaches all around the world, about time we introduced you to our favorites!


10. Hvide Sande, Denmark

Not the first place that pops into your head when you think of beaches, is it? And yet, Denmark surprised me again and again with extremely wide beaches with awesome waves and spectacular sunsets. Fun fact: bonfires by the beach are legal! Can you smell those toasted marshmallows yet…?

9. Antalya, Turkey

I think the picture below says it all – I have never come across more delicious – that’s right, delicious – ocean water anywhere than in Turkey. September is probably the best time of year to come here when the water has the perfect temperature, tourism is no longer peaking and the weather is the best in all of Europe. Though you will not find white sand at the private Mermerli beach, what’s not to love about grabbing a lounge chair set right inside the water?


8. Pismo Beach in San Luis Obispo, California

It wasn’t summertime when I came here but that didn’t stop me from digging my naked feet into the sand. The wide open shore, the seagulls, the wind blowing in my hair – all this has a magical healing effect and I imagine that everyone who lives here is healthy and happy all the time.



7. Caparica Beach in Lisbon, Portugal

In all honesty, there are many Portuguese beaches that deserve a mention and I’m sure you can pretty much never go wrong by making Portugal your beach holiday option of choice. The Algarve has famous and stunning beaches of course, but Lisbon and Porto are home to some seriously stunning stretches of sand. I had a wonderful time making my way to Caparica Beach, a €12 cab ride across the bridge from central Lisbon. Gentle waves, clean water and always an ice cream parlour in walking distance.


6. Port Douglas, Australia

I would not dare make a top 10 list of beaches and not include Australia in it. Chances are I would be refused entry for the rest of my life. Australia and Queensland in particular have a set of truly stunning beaches and the one in Port Douglas, which by the way extends over 4 miles, just might take the cake.


5. Copacabana Beach in Rio, Brazil

A completely different image to the perfect beach offers the Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. It’s overcrowded, loud and, well, fleshy. But that’s exactly what makes it so special! Making friends here is not a coincidence, it’s a promise.


4. Hawaii

Is the ocean blue? Yes it is, just as sure as Hawaii has amazing beaches. I’ve only been to the island of Oahu but a simple drive around the island will reveal beach after beach and you’d swear each one is more beautiful than the one before.


3. Haad Rin on Ko Pha Ngan – Thailand

If you are young and fun and fabulous, this is your beach. Perfect sand, clear waters, so flat you need to walk a mile just to get into swimming depth. It’s the perfect beach for children, but this is party central and home to the world-famous full-moon parties, so not too many kids here. The particular selling point to this beach is what happens after dark. Even when it isn’t time to full-moon-party the night away there are still small parties all along the beach, with all different types of music keeping the beautiful and restless on their feet dancing.

ko phangan

2. Tulum, Mexico

Anyone I have met who’s been to Tulum agrees: this beach is extraordinary. I’ve spotted the odd tourist bus, dropping off tourists to delight in this miracle of white and blue but other than that it feels extremely secluded – a real gem. Best bit – the beach bars with rooftops made of palm tree leaves, serving cheap pina coladas.

image via

1. Maldives

Anyone who’s ever come here will be able to confirm: this is the closest Earth gets to actual paradise. No place on earth has more secluded, white sandy beaches or more crystal-clear, turquoise water.



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