We all love to make fun of low cost companies don’t we? And who could do this better than the team behind “Little Britain”? Matt Lucas and David Walliams takes us to the insane, but oh so recognizable “reality” of one of England’s busiest airports in “Come fly with me”. After several pretty (in my opinion) lame reality series documenting the daily life on airports, this comedy from BBC caught my attention with the explanation from England’s fictonal “eighth favourite low-cost airline” FlyLo on their in-flight security.

Wanna know how the low cost companies can keep their costs down and still earn money? Then have a look at Omar, the owner of Fly Lo, and his explanation of the company’s in-flight security.

According to BBC “your view of airports and the people who work there will never be the same again, as the BBC’s cameras have been given unprecedented access to one of Britain’s busiest airport terminals. For months, the producers have followed anyone and everyone to produce this portrait of life at the cutting edge of aviation. From check-in staff to cabin crew, from pilots to paparazzi, and from low-cost airline owners to their unfortunate passengers, all human life is here – and all played by Lucas and Walliams.”

Have a look at the trailer, and come fly laugh with me!


Kathrine Opshaug Bakke Kathrine Opshaug Bakke, editor at Travelettes from 2009 to 2013, wrote this post. Originating from Norway, she has been living in Berlin, Lisbon, and Stockholm the past 6 years.

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