Monday morning. It’s august 3rd. In 19 hours I will board the plane that is to take me to India and although I’m able to write up these lines in a calm and composed manner I’m actually panicking. I am freaking out. It’s the last day of getting things done and I have an endless list of stuff I need to do.Ii’m still pretty new to the whole “having a career thing” and now that I’m in with it my mind is programmed to do 15.000 things, usually all at once. My things-left-to-do-list from last night has 11 of 16 points left which will need to get done today. Almost ironic that one of those 16 points is “writing up a to-do list for india”. Well, here we go.

A few people have been kind enough to give me tips on what I should try, where I should shop and which neighborhoods I should stroll around in. Here are a few things I will definitely not want to miss….

  • treat myself and poor Caroline (who called me this morning that she is already puking and shitting liquids) to a spa day with massages, yummy food, manicures, the whole shebang (the lot for probably a tenner or so)
  • stroll around Mumbai’s in-district Colaba, check out the locals and maybe shoot some street fashion for glamcanyon
  • going after the question how many new dresses can I fit into my already very full backpack
  • lose 15 pounds as a result of constant traveler’s diarrhea (I never really understood why not more people appreciate it for its positive side effects)
  • purchase 15 to 50 embroidered pillow cases for 50 cents a pop that I’m sure I’ll use but never actually do
  • visit a boutique of my favorite designer Manish Arora and buy one or various new dresses
  • take a train down to beautiful Kerala and go down the river on one of the houseboats – it’s on Lonely Planet’s “things to do before you die” list
  • hanging out on the front porch veranda of some charmingly shabby hotel with our hot australian neighbors exchanging tales about our world travels (they might also be swedish or english, I’m flexible)
  • going to bangalore to find out if the palm leaf library there holds a leaf with my life written on it (more on this story later)
  • taking the 40-hour-train ride up to calcutta to breeze through markets and soak in age-old architecture and culture
  • hopefully taking a sneak peek into katmandu/nepal for a day or two
  • hanging out with the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala where friendly Tibetans are selling cute clothes and lovely jewelery

Update: it’s midnight. my plane leaves in 6 hours. Today I have

  1. moved house
  2. packed me backpack (sensibly of course)
  3. shot street fashion for glamcanyon and a portrait for my column
  4. got my netbook fixed (which had a massive virus on it just 3 weeks after I got it. Great, Katja)
  5. cleaned my apartment.

Actually I haven’t cleaned anything yet. But I will right after posting this.

India is so close, I can almost smell it.

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