If you are a follower of this website, then maybe you will already have started thinking about where to spend your summer holiday. Traveling can be expensive so it is important to have both eyes open to make sure you can get your hands on good flight deals. There are a few tricks with which can help getting the best possible deal.

1. Avoid flying Friday to Monday. When picking your travel dates, try and arrange to fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as those are traditionally the more economic days to fly.

2. Flexible dates. Many flight-booking websites let you check the option of “My dates are flexible” or at least the option “+/- 1 to 3 days” which may get you a better deal.

3. Travelocity fare watcher. An amazing tool which I have used previously and saved lots of money with. The fare watcher allows you to be sent an email as soon as the price on the flights of your choice drop under the maximum amount you are willing to pay for it. I once paid €150 for a round-trip from Paris to San Francisco thanks to fare watcher.

4. Book flights from price-comparison websites. Not all offer the best deals, but travelocity, opodo and expedia are among the biggest and best. Check all 3 and you’re likely to find the best possible deal.

5. For flights within Europe, it’s still cheapest to book via Ryanair or Easyjet. With these, unlike with other airlines, it doesn’t necessarily pay off to book months in advance. When I checked London flights today (leaving in 2 weeks) it was cheaper then when I checked 4 weeks ago.

I hope those basic tips help you get a low price on your flights. If you know any other tricks, please share!

Happy traveling,



photo by George Heron