You love traveling? Maybe even staying in one place for a bit longer than just a few days in order to feel the atmosphere?  You adore shopping at the supermarket around the corner, bargaining at the local market and flirting with this cute bartender working at your new favorite café? There is just one problem: Communication. Speaking the local language facilitates a lot of things, from finding friends to asking for the way. It quite simply brings you that much closer to really getting to know a culture.

photo by Franco Folini

Luckily there is light at the end of the communication barrier tunnel. What you need is – language school. Rather than googling the subject and signing up for the first program that pops up, it’s worth looking into things a bit more, following these tips:

  • Compare prices – searching for a language school, you will quickly notice that there can be big differences in the price of the course. Get well informed with what is included and which extra costs might be involved.
  • Language schools usually offer a variety of accommodations: home stay with a local family with or without board; a pension, an apartment with other students, etc. Beware of all the pro’s and con’s in advance. Staying with a host family may help you improve your language skills, but could also might limit your personal freedom if you like to stay out late or bring home friends from school.

photo by Julia Leiby

  • Tis one may sound pretty obvious, but consider beforehand where exactly you want to go. Depending on what language you’re looking to study, the list of options might be obvious. If you want to learn French for example, you probably will go to France. But studying in Paris or a other smaller city might make a big difference to you. By the way, for anyone really interested in studying in France, I can personally recommend this school. They have different locations all over France and at least in Bordeaux, where I took a three-week-course last year, the atmosphere was amazing: students from all over the world trying to speak French between themselves even outside the school, a good offer on leisure activities, as well as great and passionate teachers.

photo by Geir Halvorsen

For more information about learning a language abroad, have a look at this blog.

By the way, if you want to improve your English, I can recommend this school in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Besides staying at a wonderful place…

photo by Laya Gerlock

… the school is relatively cheap and follows a great concept: here, you don’t just pick a course from a catalogue, you actually get to have an in-depth chat with a counsellor who then recommends courses tailered to your interests. You can choose between conversation, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and so on.  And of course, it also offers classes in all kinds of surfing!

If you have more recommendations on language schools abroad, let us know!

*Post written by Franziska Gutsche