Sonia Gil has a tick-tic. Every single one of her videos starts with a tick-tick and then she takes us on a journey to places all over the world. There, she shares her view of the place, a special tip or two and an inside perspective on the people living there. Sonias speaks five languages which allows her to talks to locals and find our first hand what is best about a particular city and place. Her web travel series is called Sonia’s Travels and in a very charming way she shows us every week once again the world in one her lovely videos. We love them and wanted to know more about Sonia. Check our her interview.

How is traveling part of your life?
My family traveled quite a bit when I was a kid so it’s something that’s always been part of me. It seemed like a natural way of life. As a teen I traveled around Europe plenty, and then after College traveling just became a part of my work. My first job took me deep in the Amazon jungle to work for an NGO. Then I started Fluenz [note from the editor: a language learning software company] and went to China to learn Mandarin. As we expanded the company all of a sudden I was back in Europe a lot. I think that’s when I realized that there was a method to my traveling and the idea of doing a show came up.

What got you into videoblogging?
I realized that there was a method to my traveling that might be worth sharing with others. I also came to believe that web video is changing television forever. Being part of that revolution, considering how important traditional television has been for half a century, has been thrilling to me.

Which cameras and techniques do you use?
My partner in this project is Mariana Hellmund, an award winning filmmaker with many years of experience working in the industry and her own very beautiful independent feature. I think she’s exploring the medium from a very cinematic approach, which I find makes our show very unique. She uses a Canon 7D with a range of lenses and additional sound. Sometimes it makes it difficult to film on location but it’s been worth it.

What are your favorite places in the world to film at?
Every place has its ride. Venice is one of the toughest places in the world because there are no cars to help you get from point A to point B, but at the same time that makes it calm, quiet, and beautiful. I love beaches and I make a point of visiting them everywhere I go, but the challenge there is to convey their magic which isn’t easy at all. Places that make it easy for bicycles are always wonderful.

What is your favourite video and what is so special about it?
Every episode of our show has a special memory for me. When I see it I remember the many many hours we spent in that place, the wonderful people we met, the vibe in the air. What’s difficult is separating the actual episode from my experience filming it. I think that Heavenly Plaza, shot in Valladolid, Mexico, is a show I’ll never forget.

What videography-realted advice would you give other girls who travel?
Go for it and make it your own. Everyone has something unique: a point of view, a feeling, an eye for things, a way to connect the dots. Find out what that is and work hard to make it the center of your work. Don’t be afraid to start but never stop tweaking. Last but not least, faith moves mountains.

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