Sarah Bernhard’s photos feel like stills from a movie. Her creative eye is delicate and sensible and creates photos that are so captivating, one wants to live in them forever. Some of her best works were taken on her travels to China. We asked her a few questions about photography and traveling.

1. What’s your name, age and where do u live?
My name is Sarah, I’m 27 and from a city called Münster in Germany.

2. How is traveling part of your life?
I’ve been lucky enough to have parents who love traveling and took me along on their trips from a very early age on.Already as a little girl I went to Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and the UK. They took me to museums, mountain-climbing, swimming in the ocean and taught me foreign languages. Today I mainly travel to China for a University projct I’m involved with. Last year I spent some time living in Chengdu and at the end of this month I’ll be going to Bejing. I document all my travels with my camera, because I love it and because it’s part of my job.

3. What got you into photography?

Hard to say. I just started at some point – probably about 6 years ago initially using my mum’s digital camera. As I got more into it I started shooting with manual cameras as well. Photography has always been a way for me to capture things, emotions, places and situations, reflecting, ordering and archiving them for the future.

4. What are your favorite places in the world to take photos at?

There’s a place in Shanghai that I adore. It’s the apartment of a malay couple that is adorably decorated. I also love photographing the ever-changing city of Hamburg, a very inspiring place. Same goes for Stockholm, seems like there is something worth photographing there at any corner.

5. How would you describe your photography?

I’m finding it relatively difficult to pinpoint it down to one or two words. I try out a lot, using different cameras and such and I never really have a specific thing I’m aiming for. I photograph what strikes me, what is important to me, which features an interesting symmatry or color,emotion or situation.

6. What photography-realted advice would you give other girls who travel?

Take photos from the slightly more unknown sides of the place around you. Find the inbetween of what you see and aim totake on a new angle to seeing what’s there. Avoid touristy hang-outs and find your own. Backyards, abandoned buildings, everyday life on the street tell much more interesting stories than common sights that have been photographed a million times.

To see more of her work check out her website or her flickr.

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