I met Nick Law, an outdoor athlete and photographer, during my last summer holidays. He was in charge of recording the surfers’ life at Pure Surf Camp in Moliets et Maa (Atlantic Coast of France) and I was absolutely captivated about his work. With his prior studies in Fine Arts he has an eye for special moments and compositions and is constantly trying new techniques. Nick has now focused on surf photography, which gives him the opportunity to do what he loves: traveling, photographing and surfing. Here the world through his eyes:

nick law photography

Where do u live?
I live in Scotland

How is traveling part of your life?
I love to travel whether it is at home of abroad. I try to take trips as much as possible and that has pretty much guided my career and interests to date.

_nick law hiking 11 Nick Law ice mountains

What camera and techniques do you use?
I have two digital SLR type cameras, one for high speed sports and one for everything else. These cameras both have waterproof housings which allow me to work in the sea. I also design, build and sell the water-housings in Scotland.

15 Nick Law waterhousing

What got you into photography?
I can remember when I was very small a friend of mine was given an plastic kids film camera as a present, when I learned what it could do (capture an image of what you saw) I was amazed. This is a fascination I still have today.

What are your favorite places in the world to take photos at?
I recently went to Iceland, I love it there for photos, the light and landscape is spectacular. I think anywhere you’re interested in is a good place though, If you are interested in somewhere or a particular subject your eyes will be open and you will see suitable subject matter.

03 Nick Law Iceland

What is important for you regarding travel photography?
I try to document things like I see them so the feeling is not lost after that moment has passed, I suppose.

nick law photography

What is your favourite picture and what is so special about it?
Thats a tricky one. ‘The lights and the shadows, National Stadium of the maldives’ is a favourite, it was not at all a technical or particularly challenging, anyone could have taken it, but this photo communicated a something which was exactly what I was looking for at the time when i took it.

05 Nick Law shadows and lights

What photography-related advice would you give other travelers?
Worry less about the quality of your equipment and more about your subject matter. Find your own personal perspectives and let them develop.

nick law photography nick law photography nick law photography

If you want to admire more of his pictures check out his homepage and if you are interested in his water-housings, drop him an email at: lllnicklll@gmail.com

_nick law surfer