There are people who take pictures of things that look right. And then there are those who take pictures of things that feel right. Photographer Ines Amd is one of them and so it is, that when you look through her photos, you can’t help but feel – joy, estonishment, awe, longing and quite possibly even a fair bit of jealousy for the wonderful places she’s traveled to.

Born in Ibiza, Spain, Ines Amd grew up surrounded by the ocean throughout her childhood. After moving to Barcelona on her own at the age of 13, she has been living in different cities across the world until today. Whether it be hot summer Meditarrean beaches or the icy coast of Scandinavia, Ines captures the essence of their purity and beauty in her photos.

We’re happy Ines took the time to answer some of our most burning questions.

1. Where do u live?

I’m actually moving from Paris to Madrid today. I’ll be staying in Madrid for at least 6 months to get my Master’s in International Project Management.

How is traveling part of your life?

I love traveling and quite a have wish list for places I still want to go to.

What camera and techniques do you use?

I use an analogue camera, a CANON AE-1 and scan the negatives myself.

What got you into photography?


What are your favorite places in the world to take photos at?

I love the North, mostly Scandinavia. I’m drawn to places that excell with nature rather than cities.

What is important for you regarding travel photography?

I take a second look, i like to find the unusual, the rare and special places

What is your favourite picture and what is so special about it?

The following picture I took in Skagen in the North of Denmark. My friends didn’t know I was taking the picture, they were just running about, trying to keep themselves warm. It was -15º with strong wind. I shot the picture fast as I could barely feel my fingers. In the end I was surprised how the picture came out, with all four friends all in line, looking to different directions.

What photography-realted advice would you give other girls who travel?

Shoot when you see something you think is special. Find beauty in simplicity. I can’t bare travel pictures of people in front of monuments.

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