Hugo is exactly my type. He’s not too sweet. He’s not too bitter. And it was love at first sip. We first met in Munich this spring, although originally, he’s from Austria. And when we met again in Innsbruck this August, I totally fell for him.

Hugo (pronounced WHO-GO) is the perfect cocktail for hot summer nights. And days. And sunny days in early autumn when you still can sit outside. It’s fresh and sparkling and while one sip is enough to enhance girlish giggling (it is for us, but then again, we do giggle a lot), you can easily have at least 3 without getting drunk.

Hugo was invented in Tirol (Austria) which is very close to South Tirol (Italy), where Aperol Spritz originally comes from (thanks Irene for the hint). Aperol what? Yeah, forget about that one, that drink is so 2009. This is a new area of fashionable, alcoholic fizzy-drinks. Hugo was created in 2010 and since then, he’s been on his way to conquer the rest of Europe and potentially even the whole world. That is, if gin&tonic will finally get out of the way.

So how to mix this lovely summery cocktail?

You need:

  • prosecco
  • sparkling water
  • fresh mint
  • elderflower syrup
  • a huuuuge white wine glas and some ice cubes.

Fill the glas with Prosecco and ice cubes, add as much mint leaves as you want, a bit of the elderflower syrup and a dash of sparkling water. And then: ENJOY.

I bet you’ll also fall in love with Hugo once you’ve met. The Travelettes are all over this one… (he’s actually moved into the office fridge). Prost!