If you haven’t heard of Stumble Upon then shame on you – it’s a super interactive tool which helps you discover and share great websites, images, videos, blogs etc from on any topic imaginable. When bored at work diligently searching for interesting content to share with you guys I Stumbled Upon these beautiful images as made by National Geographic illustrating our world of 7 billion people.

They graphically depict a few interesting indicators across the world like life expectancy, access to Internet and education levels. Some of the most interesting points for me were that the blue high income earners have 106 mobile phones to every 100 people and produce 13 times more carbon dioxide emissions than those who earn the least . More shockingly, even today life expectancy for the high income earners is 20 years higher than for those in the poorest parts of the world. Finally, for every 1000 babies born in the developing world 120 under the age of 5 die compared to only 7 in the developed world.

As part of their illustration of where and how we live today the makes of these illustrations have built an interactive face where the Earth’s seven billion are depicted by 7,000 people each representing 1 million people

I can’t even figure out how many zero’s 7 billion has but it helps put things into perspective when you discover that of the 7 billion;

  • 13% speak Mandarin as their first language, 5% speak English and Spanish
  • 19% are Chineese, 17% Indian and 4% American
  • 33% are Christian, 21% Muslim and 13% Hindu
  • 40% work in services, 38% in agriculture and 22% in industry
  • 51% live in urban environments
  • Shockingly only 82% are literate

Despite the fact I can jump on a plane to anywhere in the world, access the Internet almost everywhere and use my credit card to buy things from thousands of miles away does not mean we are all the same or in fact are anywhere near to living the same quality of life. The world suddenly feels like a very busy place.