My day job (oh yes, unfortunately this Travelette has to earn her crust before escaping to foreign paradises) is connected with innovation and sustainability so I’m constantly meeting with people who have great projects and ideas for the world. One project I came across recently is called The Unity Express and I thought that some of you might be interested in this remarkable project and maybe be inspired to take part in what they’re planning.

The Unity Express is a once in a lifetime journey across 24 countries in one single 400-meter-long train with 420 beds carrying 1000 people over 4 weeks (wow that was mouthful).

Taking place in July 2012, it’s a “remarkable journey for remarkable wanderers, creators, travelers, artists, activist, musicians and everyone who wants to discover Europe in an exceptional way.” It is also the largest journey with one single train ever made where participants will cover almost 16.000km over the month.

Why? Well the aim is to help people connect with and experience the beauty of all the cultures, stories and visions we have in Europe by taking them on a journey. The train will create a traveling mini-society that takes care of, learns from and celebrates life, enabling everybody to create more understanding and respect for each other. The Unity Express wants to inspire people to think differently about Europe’s diversity and to work towards a society where people respect each other’s differences and cultural habits. It’s also probably going to be one giant party (oh yes on the 400-meter-long train there will be a bar wagon & a dance wagon).
Interested? Oh yes I thought so! So the question I suppose you’re asking is how do I get a ticket? Well it’s simple; by deserving it! The Unity Express team is using an innovative crowd-funding scheme to fund the journey meaning there isn’t a “buy here” button. Instead you have to contribute to the movement by proposing interesting and innovative projects, ideas or concepts that could be completed and discussed during the train journey.
Read more on The Unity Express website here.