Whenever I get the opportunity to travel I am the first to sign up, but my friends and family are not always available to take a break from reality with me. I traveled alone a couple of times and it was fun, but there was usually a point when I felt lonely, missing friends, family and my dog. I decided I wasn’t going to keep missing what I could bring with me – my beloved dog, Blue! After I found all the information I could on making Blue a legally register emotional support dog and completed its process, Blue has now been in more than 7 countries, and 25 cities with me and the list keeps growing.

Have you ever been sad or worried because you are planning a trip, but you can’t go with your dog, cat or any other pet you have? I think travelling with your pet is one of those experiences you should have at least once in your life. There are more pet-friendly places, activities and allowances than you actually think, so here are some reasons you should travel with your pet.

travel with your dog 1

You won’t be alone at any time

Regardless of whether you are traveling by plane or doing a road trip, as soon as you’re including your pet everything will seem lighter and funnier. It will be next to you in your car when you need to wait at the airport or even when you’re packing.

You also will feel safer when walking at streets around the city or destination you chose and when you visit some isolated places. You will feel safe exploring new sites and always have a cheerful companion at your site.

There are more pet-friendly places and activities than you think

There are many places, activities and things to do that allow dogs. You can go to a pet-friendly coffee shop or restaurant and have a dinner in company. You can search which are the best cities to go with your dog or which hotels allow them. There are even specific pet-friendly transportation services in case you want to move around. There is no reason not to include your pet when writing down your bucket list and travel itinerary.

travel with your dog 2

It will be a carefree travel

You won’t have to worry about finding a pension or day care for your pet and you also won’t have to leave it alone at home. You also need to know that it is scientifically proved that the simple presence of a dog reduces anxiety, stress and depression levels.

Meeting new people is easier

Owning a pet (especially a dog) makes you a more sociable being. Certainly, people love talking about their animals, they are a source of conversation. If you’re a dog lover, for example, you will easily meet people who share some interest with you.

Some people say that walking around with your pet during your vacations will make you look more like a local and not like a tourist.

It is an incomparable experience

You can have a family trip or a couple getaway, but at least once in your life, you must live the experience of traveling with your pet. You can take pictures and collect unforgettable moments, remember that its life is not as long as yours so make it a good experience for both of you.

travel with your dog 3

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your dog with you when you travel the world! There are some challenges like with everything in life, but I promise you it’s worth it. You’ll see that your relationship with your dog is going to grow and your experiences travelling will go to another level. If owning a dog is amazing, imagine travelling with it! Remember dogs can also get bored and it’s good for them to go out of the routine for some days.

Have you ever travelled with your dog or another pet? What are your top tips?

This is a guest post by Linda Liuli.

11201610_1241431475883507_947079739988726858_n Linda was born in San Diego, but currently lives in Los Angeles and works as manager assistant. She likes to run with her dog by her side and loves the Californian sunsets! You can follow her on Twitter @ImLiulo.