Spain is probably one of the most diverse countries I know. On one hand you have the Balearic Islands with their party people AND gorgeous landscape. On the other hand you have the Canary Islands with their eternal spring and gorgeous landscapes.

However, both are completely different to one another. And then finally there is the mainland with fascinating cities like Madrid, Seville or Barcelona, with little in common with its island counter parts. Here you can find attractive coasts like Costa del Sol (coast of the sun), Costa de la Luz (coast of the light) or Costa Brava (the wild coast). And the wild coast is where the Pyrenees begin, a range of mountains forming a natural border between Spain and France.

Rather than just writing about it, I decided to make a video to show you all the thing you can do in the Catalan Pyrenees, with particular focus on the Southernmost part of the Pyrenees, and why the Spanish mountain range is certainly worth a trip. Enjoy the video and start planning your next trip!