Whether you’ve traveled the world with a loved one or blushed as you caught the eye of a handsome stranger on a coach, the world is full of romantic possibilities and the date spots are endless! So we girls at Travelettes scratched our heads and reminisced about our favourite dates throughout the world and compiled a lil’ list for you all. Whether you want to snuggle under a rug with a thermos of hot toddy, watch a french sunset or take in the lights of your favourite city, we’re here to suggest some of the best dates to enjoy with your beloved.

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1. BERLIN – Freischwimmer (Katja)

Water is always a good idea when going on a date and Berlin certainly offers a great deal of options alongside its many lakes and the river Spree. If temperatures are warm and your date isn’t shy of shaking their tail feather, consider going to Strandbar Mitte and get your groove on to retro classics and modern pop songs under a string of romantic fairy lights and the Bode Museum as your dramatic backdrop. If you’re worried, however, that your company would rather jump off a cliff than to dance surprise them with something other than the odd dinner and a movie: a canoe ride. At Freischwimmer you can rent canoes for one or 2 people for just €8 an hour. If you’re old school, opt for the paddle boat. Bring a beer, enjoy the lively happenings around the riverbank and giggle at passing party boats (you’re still in Berlin, after all).

freischwimmer berlin

Once you’ve crossed boating off your list you don’t have to go far to grab a sundowner, simply stick around Freischwimmer’s brand new outdoor area / bar/ club, complete with self-made furniture and day beds hanging from the trees. Loungy electronic tunes ensure ultimate summer vibes.

freischwimmer berlin

Still here? And maybe feeling hungry? Freischwimmer has a lovely restaurant with outdoor seating, one of the city’s few great dinner options with riverfront views. Food comes fresh from the grill and is very reasonably priced. Only pitfall: tables tend to be be booked days and weeks in advance but the later you come, the better your chances of being seated.

freischwimmer berlin restaurant


2.  CAPE TOWN – The Pink Flamingo (Annika)

For a perfect date night in Cape Town head to the Pink Flamingo Cinema at the Grand Daddy hotel. They show cult classic movies on their rooftop trailer park and are decked out with picnic baskets, cocktails, and of course popcorn. Luckily even summer nights usually get a bit chilly in Cape Town, which gives a great excuse to snuggle under a blanket together. If the evening goes really well spend the rest of the night at the Love of Lace or Ballad of John & Yoko silver streamer.


And speaking from experience – should your date be less than perfect in that he breaks up with you the night before your movie/trailer date – it is still an awesome place to go with your girlfriends.

pink flamingo cape town

To see the movie programme and to book a trailer check out this website.

3. VANCOUVER – Cypress Mountain

Considering dates I’m a winter’s girl through and through – even though I enjoy the lightness of flirting in the summer sun, it is the cold season which makes me long for romantic strolls on the Christmas markets or conversation over two steamy cups of hot chocolate. If you happen to be around Vancouver and want to treat your date with an active day outside a trip to Cypress Mountain in the northwest might be exactly the right thing to do.
Cypress Mountain is a ski resort in Cypress Provincial Park, West Vancouver only a short drive from the city center. On a clear day the views are spectacular! To the south is the sprawling metropolitan area of Vancouver, while to the southeast is the snowclad mountain chain. To the west and southwest lie the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island with Georgia Strait in the foreground. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect setting?
  Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-20 um 23.37.40
My favourite pair activity on the snowy slopes isn’t skiing or snowboarding as it asks for skills and endurance, both of which are not my assets, but tubing which is all about having fun! Flying down the hill, feeling the rush of adrenaline in your body and being reminded back of those days when you took out your toboggan on the first day of snow – the thrilling rides and the memories they will bring up are a great way to bond.
The ski resort’s Tube Park rents out tubes – 2 hours will cost you 17$. There are 6 chutes about 100m in length and a tube tow which spares you of having to drag your ride up the hill again.
After being active for a couple of hours you can sit down at the Nordic Cafe (next to the tube park), sip on some hot tea and exchange childhood stories over a bowl of soup. This is a date you’ll never forget!

If your date can’t wait until winter, Cypress Mountain also is open for summer activities like Geocaching or Disc Golfing. And if it is tubing you want,  try take a look at this article about river tubing on Capilano River.

4. PARIS - Les Berges
(Marie C)

Your Parisian date thinks they’ve seen it all in the City of Love? Impress them with a romantic stroll along the new Seine Riverbanks, which have only been open for a few weeks and that even most locals haven’t visited yet. The metamorphosis of this former highway into an idyllic riverside promenade is spectacular!

Bring a few delicacies and start off with a nice picnic on the new amphitheater-style staircase located in front of the Musée d’Orsay. Or even better yet, inside your own private maritime-style container! Complete with river views and a small garden, the four ‘Zzzzs’ are available to rent for an hour and a half for free (you don’t have to tell your date that) via here.


With your date’s stomach content, time to dazzle his/her brain with your bubbly conversation. As you walk side by side through the floating gardens — a stunning complex of five islands linked together by wooden footbridges — subtly guide him/her towards the rope net structure on L’île Prairie (“Meadow Island”). Only one free hammock left? Woops, guess you’ll have to snuggle up in it to watch the boats cruising by…


Les Berges are located between Pont Royal and Pont de l’Alma. For more info go here.


5. BARCELONA - El Bosc de les Fades (Rita)

Tucked away off Las Ramblas, on Pasatje Banca next to the Wax Museum, El Bosc de les Fades is one of the most romantic date spots in Barcelona. This so called fairy forest cafe has everything from mysterious lightening to magical mirrors and small cute fountains. It’s so incredibly kitsch and a novelty date-spot; it’ll bewitch you and your date immediately! It’s usually pretty packed on the weekends but still quite unknown among tourist and even among locals.


It has all the keys to the perfect date: Mouth watering beverages, relaxing music, intimacy and exciting things to talk about. It’s also close to the main beach of Barcelona and just a stone throw away from the main shopping street Las Ramblas. There’s no way you can go wrong with this.


6.  SYDNEY - Balls Head Reserve (Frankie)

It was silly of me to expect my Sydney-sider boyfriend to take me on a homecoming tour of romantic dates when we visited the city he grew up in last year. As a firm believer in making your own luck, cake and romance, I took it upon myself to have at least one romantic date in Sydney. I did a little research and found the perfect spot for a romantic afternoon together, complete with a “sweet as” view of Sydney Harbour, the CBD and the Harbour Bridge. The name of this spot is the rather amusing Balls Head Reserve over on the North Shore. A former BP refinery, it is now a vast landscaped public park predominantly used only by local residents. Get on the train to Waverton, bring a blanket, some fine wine and a picnic – oh, and the one you love/fancy/are trying your luck with* (*delete as appropriate) – and enjoy some of the most peaceful, perfect views of Sydney. We certainly did…

Balls Head Reserve View Sydney Harbour copy

P.S. This is also a great spot to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks without having to claim your spot at 7am the previous morning.

7. MELBOURNE – The Toff in Town (Sophie)

Now I’m a stickler for worrying about ensuring a venue is perfect for a date. It needs to be somewhere lively, but not too loud; great food, but in shareable portions; amazing cocktails and wine, at affordable prices; somewhere to hide, but the option to dance if needs be… I don’t ask for much do I?? A novelty factor would also be quite nice too… So thankfully, The Toff in Town in Melbourne ticks all these fussy boxes!


The restaurant area (called Choo Choo’s) has dimly lit individual booths decked out like private train compartments with sliding doors and a doorbell to summon your waiter. They do main meals and sharing plates – perfection! The bar is open and wide with a great cocktail choice, and their price tag won’t get you crying into your gin.


The band room around the back has live music every single night! So when the gin has gone to your head or your date’s conversation doesn’t have the ‘wow’ factor, then go boogie your little heart out instead. Plus it’s in the heart of the CBD sandwiched in the great Curtain House which also has Rooftop Bar that runs an outdoor cinema in the summers. Could this be the location to provide a mega successful first date, second date, third date? I think so!


8. LONDON – Wilton’s (Alex)

Tucked away in an innocuous, 20th century street in Whitechapel lies a date venue guaranteed to sweep you off your feet, back to a more glamorous age when men were chivalrous, women were fabulous, life was a cabaret and diamonds were a girl’s best friend. Wilton’s is the world’s oldest surviving music hall, it’s ornate and gilded interior now a faded yet magically atmospheric hidden city stage that has been harboring romantic liaisons since 1858.
Choose what you want to snuggle up to – there’s a diverse range of performance from music shows to comedy; circus to cinema and this Autumn will see one of my favorite novels, the haunting tale of Dracula, come alive on stage. And for a little Dutch courage, last year’s Great Gatsby at Wilton’s saw the opening of a neat speakeasy upstairs in the intimate Mahogany Bar (take a guess at the decor). Definitely the perfect place for a decadent cocktail with your beloved against a backdrop of some old fashioned tunes played by real life musicians. Who said romance was dead?
9. BROOKLYN – Williamsburg riverfront (Cordula)
The view probably is one of the most familiar ones among photogenic skylines. But what makes it special is with whom you are and where you are on the Brooklyn riverfront. There are many parks and boardwalks along the East River in Williamsburg where you can either just sit and watch the sun go down and the city light up – or try and sneak around the fences that guard small little beaches from parking lots and basketball courts. Now imagine yourself and your date sitting on this tiny strip of sand with waves from passing ships rolling in. Add some ice cream and a sunset for extra butterflies. And if you really want to be fancy, take the time to stay until the stars come up.

For some amazing sweet treats, try Van Leeuwen or the Williamsburg Creamery. In addition to gazing at the skyline, you can also turn to the silver screen for an open air movie at McCarren Park.


10. ANYWHERE – The Wild (Simone)

I’m in love with a good date out in the wilderness. Get your jackets. Mix some cocktails or put some tea/hot chocolate/a hot toddy in a thermos. Bring a blanket. Head out to the middle of nowhere & spend some time looking at the stars. This photo of my boyfriend & I was taken on the Yuba River, in California, but it can be done anywhere. When the moon is shining & you literally have the entire quiet landscape to yourself, you start talking & hanging out like you don’t when you’re home or even at a fancy restaurant. I love dating my boyfriend because he’s my best friend… and getting time to spend with him alone out in the world is the single best date night I could think of!



image 1 via Trololo Blogg, image 5&6 via PR, image 7 by Jeffrey Murphy, image 10 via True Barcelona, image 12 via Broadsheet, image 13 via The Toff in Town, image 14 via The Guardian, image 15 via the Telegraph. All other photographs taken by the Travelettes. 


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Sophie Saint was one of the original travelettes, from 2009 – 2017. After fleeing the UK with ink barely dry on her graduation certificate, she traversed the world with a backpack and spent a few years living in Melbourne – one of her favourite cities in the world.

She finally returned to the UK after a few years where she now whiles time away zipping off for European escapes, crocheting and daydreaming of owning her own hostel somewhere hot to live out eternal summers. See what she’s up to over on her blog saintsonaplane.com and instagram: @saintsonaplane