It’s here! For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, summer is officially here. Along with the new season come promises of hot days, chilled drinks, pool fights, nature adventures, spontaneous road-trips, shoes-and-pants-optional, enjoying the last bits of light with friends around endless barbecues… and travel! travel! travel!

The days ahead are some of the longest of the year, and there’s plenty of light to be captured. The summer Instagram Challenge was our favourite last year, and so we’re coming back with a new one for July.

Every day of the month, starting Tuesday July 1st, post one picture per day on Instagram using the hashtag #dailytravelette, and browse through the hashtag to check what your fellow Travelettes came up with. We hope the themes will inspire you to create images as outrageously creative, hilariously funny and downright stunning as some of the submissions we got last year!

Whether it’s sunny or not where you are right now, we can’t wait to see what the world around you looks like. We will select the best snaps and post them here on, and on the Travelettes Facebook page.

Now run outside and get shooting!


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mariecolinettravelettes Marie Colinet was part of the Travelettes team from 2013 to 2015. Originally from Toulouse, France, two years lived in Australia left her speaking English with an awkward Fraussie accent. In September 2015, Marie is starting the epic 6-month-or-who-knows-how-long road-trip along the Panamerican Highway that she’s been dreaming of since her teenage years — all the way from the U.S. to the very tip of South-America. You can follow her on Instagram @mariecolinet!