When visiting Brisbane it is hard to walk out the door without burning a hole in your pocket. You are trying your best to save up, but when you are actually out there it is almost impossible to keep this up when there are so many nice things to buy. Trying to balance a social life while you are trying to save those pennies can prove to be difficult… But don’t despair! This guide to doing Brisbane on a small budget should have you covered with some great things to do that are also wallet friendly.

The Travelettes Guide to Brisbane on a Budget - Brisbane River

1. Visit the Markets

I know visiting the markets sounds like it involves money, but it can actually be as cheap or as expensive as you like – you are in full control of the money situation! Brisbane has some fabulous markets like the Jan Power Markets, Red Hill Farmers Markets and Eat Street Markets.

The Travelettes Guide to Brisbane on a Budget - Jan Power Markets

The array of stalls at all of these markets is so diverse - why not steer clear of chain supermarkets and support a local farmer by purchasing farm fresh produce. So much healthier and cheaper! Take your time to stroll and browse the stalls that are filled with delicious food, amazing coffee, clothes, home wares and skincare. The markets are a perfect Sunday morning outing and could be just what you need to welcome the upcoming week.

2. Picnic at Mt Cootha

Mt Cootha is a popular spot for date nights or even just hanging out with friends. Who doesn’t love a nice view of the city? Mt Cootha certainly delivers just that! And best part of all? It’s free!

The Travelettes Guide to Brisbane on a Budget photo by aristocrats-hats

Take your crush up there for a romantic picnic and stargazing, or grab your friends and make the trek up the hill for an ice cream cone on top. It will get you out of the house and show you a side of Brisbane you don’t see often; from up above. 

3. Cruise the Brisbane River

Brisbane is home to a spectacular river and catching a CityCat ferry is a really affordable way to explore the city. All you need is around $5 – that will get you from the starting point at the University of Queensland all the way to Brett’s Wharf, the last stop pf the ferry. All-in-all, the journey takes 1 hour and 10 minutes. On each stop you can hop on and off and wander the suburbs, grab a coffee or look at the shops and just jump back on when you’re ready to continue, it’s that simple!

The Travelettes Guide to Brisbane on a Budget - River Cruise photo by Tortie_cat

4. See a Comedy Show

Why not swap the Friday after work drinks for a funnier and cheaper alternative? From 6pm every Friday, Brisbane Powerhouse puts on a comedy show called ‘Knockoff’. This is a great opportunity to see some of Brisbane’s best comedic talent. If you are tired of the same ol’ weekend routine, this will surely shake things up. Free entry!

5. Day Trip To The Beach

Just a stones throw away from away from chaos of the city is the beach. The Gold Coast is only 1 hour and 20 minutes drive away, and the Sunshine Coast just 1 hour and 30 minutes – depending on the traffic. Why not grab your friends to get some vitamin D and catch some waves. The beach is a totally free, so take advantage pf it. A relaxing day by the water with your toes in the sand and people-watching all day long, could be just what the doctor ordered.

The Travelettes Guide to Brisbane on a Budget - The Beach photo by Armand

6. Catch a Film

If you are a movie buff and love seeing new releases on the big screen, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re a university student Event Cinemas offers $6.50 concession tickets, but if you’re not a student, you can get your  budget movie fix at Cineplex Cinemas in South Bank, which offers tickets for $8.50. To save on more expenses, pack a sneaky snack and skip the expensive popcorn and chocolate.  

7. Visit Suncorp Stadium

You don’t need to be rich to watch the footy in the flesh. Get your Friday Night Footy fix by visiting Suncorp Stadium. Dress in your favourite teams gear and make a night of it. The atmosphere is undeniable and will certainly beat anything you can watch on your television screens. Ticket prices start at just $10.20. It’s a small price to pay for a fantastic night.

The Travelettes Guide to Brisbane on a Budget - Suncorp Stadium, Football, Crowd photo by Rachel

Have you been to Brisbane before or do you plan to go? If you know more things to do on a budget in Brisbane, share them in the comments below! Happy travels!


This is a guest post by Tayla White.

The Travelettes Guide to Brisbane on a Budget - city-cat-brisbane Tayla is a Journalism student and travel blogger from Brisbane, Australia. Ever since she was given her first camera when she was 12, she’s been addicted to photography. She’s a thrill seeking, lavender loving, people watching wanderlust addict and loves tolerant new things and explore new places. You can follow Tayla on her blog Eat Lots, Travel Far.