Dear travelettes,

i am delighted to present you with our new forum which you can use to ask your fellow travelettes about their experiences or advice on anything at all.

I would also like to encourage everyone to use the Travel Partners section, for all those who want to travel someone this summer but don’t want to go alone or at least who’d like to meet a few people along the way. When I went on a one-year-trip around the world I was desperate to find a forum offering something like that, but never found it. Hopefully with our forum, some of you will have an even better trip!

Please share the news about the forum with your friends and on your blogs, twitters or facebook accounts. The more people using it, the more effective it will be.

Find it as the last button on our link bar on top of the page or just click here. To start a post you need to sign up which takes no more than 1 minute. Once signed in, click on My Account to get a profile photo and fill in some info about yourself.

Happy posting,