Dear travelettes

due to popular demand, we did not want to hold out any longer and are launching into the summer with a new travelettes flea market! the first market back in august last year as well as the Christmas market last December were huge successes where lots of clothes changed owners and a buck or 2 was earned by the vendors to finance an upcoming trip.

With summer around the corner, we hope to again provide a few young ladies with the opportunity to sell their old clothes and raise their account balance to swindeling heights.

Taking part only costs 5€ and a smile.

As last time, we will have a charity cake buffet, meaning that all vendors are requested to bake something that will be given away to market visitors, based on donation. Last year we were able to raise 100€ for charity this way, let’s do it again!

What do you have to do? Send an email to explaing which travel adventure you are currently saving for.

Happy travels,