Hello Ladies,

Remember the fabulous Travelettes Fleamarket we organized last summer? A lot of you have been asking when we would be back and now that it’s Christmas, it’s time for a lovely Christmas Flea Market!


The market will again be in Berlin, at the cosy bar Dr. Pong at Eberswalderstr. 21,  on the 19th of December from 10am to 6pm. For those of you who attended our summer flea market, the location should be familiar.

To get into the right international Christmas spirit, ladies slip your oven gloves on and get baking. For the good cause we ask everyone to prepare one dish of their choice, ideally a christmas delicacy from a foreign country, which will be sold at the market. All the proceeds from selling that dish will be collected and donated to a charity giving christmas gifts to those children who otherwise wouldn’t have any.

These are some of our favorite international Christmas recipes. Click on the name of each goodie to see how it’s made.

zimtsterne christstollen_us

Germany: Cinnamon Stars, Christmas stollen

Æbleskiver rice pudding
Dennmark: Æbleskiver, rice pudding with hidden almonds („Ris a l’Amande“)

cozonac_400 kourabiedes
Romania: Cozonac -   Greece: Kourabiedes

szaloncukor1 Mince pies

Hungary: szaloncukor –   England: mince pies

baked-apples-ck-223077-l Eierpunsch Mamma Mia turron
U.S.A.: baked apples, egg punch -   Spain: Marzipan, Turron (biscuitse made with turkish honey)

cantucinni02 panettone
Italy: Cantuccini, Panettone (yeast cake with raisins)

Lucia_bullar glogg
Sweden: Lussekatter, Glögg

buche de Nol Laufabrauð
France: Bûche de Noël -   Iceland: Laufabrauð

plaa BaslerSide

Finnland: Pulla -   Switzerland: Brunsli

Participating only costs 5€ (and christmas spirit). If you’d like to sell at our Market email us at yes@travelettes.net.

We hope to see you there!