After 6 months of writing, editing and then editing some more, we were so happy and proud to finally be able to celebrate the launch of our new book “In High Heels um die Welt” with all our friends at Sing Blackbird in Berlin last night. This was a time to have a drink or two (thanks Veltins, Held Vodka and Fountain of Youth for providing them!), chat about how the stories in the book came about and finally, to read a few out loud. Needless to say that none of us have any routine in reading to an audience, so this was a a bit of a challenge and we were nervous at first. But as it turned out, everyone who came was so smiley and sweet that they made it easy on us and we made it through our three stories without fainting and had a truly wonderful evening.

We were very touched that so many people came out and showed their support on this special day. We’re thankful for all the sweet words of encouragement, for the interest in our first book and for the happy spirit everyone was in that evening.

We’d just like to leave you with some more impressions of the launch, in case you could not make it but would have liked to. Be sure to have a look at the video in the end, summing up the athmosphere of the eveing nicely.

“In High Heels um die Welt” is available in book stores across Germany and Austria or you can buy it on Amazon for just €9,95.