Attention! Attention! We have an announcement to make! (insert drum roll) We are over the moon and very happy to let you know that we wrote a book: In High Heels um die Welt.

It’s called “In High Heels um die Welt” which is German for Around the world in high heels. The Travelettes and a few of their girlfriends have assembled 33 of their funniest, craziest, most interesting and heart-warming travel stories and put them together in a fine little book that will complete your summer and make you giddy with exitement over your upcoming travels.

The stories are as diverse as the girls who wrote them. While one is taking her jeep through the Australian outback, another finds herself surrounded by naked people inside a whirlpool in Guatemala and a third just closely escapes the fangs of a 5-foot long alligator in the Amazon jungle. The stories take place in Cuba, Thailand, Mexico, California, Russia, Laos and many more exotic destinations from around the world. Come along as we travel on night buses, surf the tallest wave, wander the streets in the dark, get drunk in dingy bars and lost in translation.

If you love to travel then this book will take you far, if only in your mind and I bet you will be reminicing your own travels from the past when reading about some of the adventures we describe.

Unfortunately the book is only available in German for now, but we have our fingers crossed that it will one day be translated into English. It’s available across Germany and Austria from June 1st, 2012 and you can order it on Amazon for just €9,95 and read it before everyone else does.

I think it makes a really lovely gift for any girlfriend, sister, cousin, colleague who are planning a trip this summer (or would like to).

If you are in Berlin, please join us on June 1st for the launch party at Sing Blackbird (Sanderstraße 11 in Neukölln, Berlin) and RSVP at the Facebook event.  Veltins is providing some chilled beers and we’ll be reading some funny passages from the book. This is also your chance to get a signed copy of of the book.

We would love to see you all there!