For months I have been searching, debating, considering and dismissing a ton of hand-luggage sized suitcases, always hoping, but never finding that something slightly special that could accompany me on my monthly short trips to various European cities. Or I should rephrase, I’ve never found anything special that did not come with a $900 price tag on it. I’m not sure what exactly I am looking for, I just hoped I would see it and know. And so today, as I was browsing the DesignVerb, I came across something that was quite the sight to my luggage-sore eyes. It’s called Micro Luggage, it’s a collaboration between Micro Mobility (who produce city scooters) and Samsonite (who produce suitcases) and it looks like this:


A suitcase that turns into a scooter! Brilliant, isn’t it? Unfortunately it’s a bit on the heavy side with 5kg of weight and the overall size is pretty tiny as well, but still pretty decent for a weekend’s stay or a business trip somewhere. Unfortunately no price is listed with this item just yet, but it’s definitely on my to-buy list.