Suitcases are for travelling. Usually, they are. But sometimes they can be use  for cycling, sitting on, or even a decorative house bar, as you’re about to see.

Wandering around the web, looking for totally non useful but amazingly beautiful vintage suitcases (as they weigh tons and airlines seem to take the 20 kg policy quite seriously) I suddenly got a whole new perspective on the handy luggage.

Take Katie Thompson, for example,  a South-African furniture designer who got inspired to make these lovely chairs:


Beautiful, aren’t they? Perfect to ome home to after a lovely holiday.

Not quite as gorgeous, but very handy are these original takes on suitcases:


Carrying luggage often leads to nervous breakdowns as suitcases tend fall over, crash into people and contain a lot more than you actually need. Therefore it is very neccessary to have something more useful, which, ideally, also saves you the tram ticket or the cab fare. As long as it rolls and I don’t mean these small little suitcase wheels stop working after 10 meters.


Finally for some not to serious suggestions for suitcase use check vanitycase.  Just in case you’ve always been looking for a really fancy way of hiding all your alcohol or to store makeup and beauty supplies.

You see, there are many more ways to put your luggage to use than just to transport clothes in. A suitcase could be an original plantholder, a laundry basket or a coffee table- the list of possibilities is endless if you just use your creativity…