I’m not much of a sports fan, but there aren’t a lot of water sports that I’m not intrigued by. Scuba-diving, jet ski, rafting – sign me up for any of those! Being from Berlin, none of these are really an option around here. Apart from swimming, the only water sports that are easy to come by are canoeing and kayaking. That is exactly why I got most exited when finding out about this neat invention: the see-through canoe.

How cool, to see everything happening below you isnt, it? A fantastic alternative for all those who don’t enjoy snorkeling or diving (I have a friend who simply refuses to put a snorkel in her mouth) but still want to see what is happening under water.

These canoes can be purchased here for the price of ¢1475,00. The canoe weighs a light 20kg, making it lighter than most canoes, and can seat 2 people.

Should you prefer a kayak over a canoe, there is a see-through option for you, too! While being almost triple the price to the canoe at $4299,-, this baby actually can be folded up to fit into your backpack! At 13 kg it’s also very light.

I’ve added these to my list of must-do’s. Hopefully one day I will run into one of them.

Happy travels,


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