About a week ago, I got an exited email from a friend in London telling me about something called the Pale Blue Door. A type of supper club that travels around the globe always building a magic space made of old wood and things they find or they are given to then open their pale blue door to their guests for just 12 nights during the course of 3 weeks. 3 incredibly delicious courses, half a bottle of wine and a delightful evening entertainment come to you for a very affordable €25.

While the space looks different in every city, in Berlin there was a middle ground with tables surrounded by little huts providing cosy spaces for diners in large and small parties….


In an open kitchen, Pale Blue Door -creater Tony Hornecker and his helper Tina dished up a lovely 3 course-meal for us


Tina later told me they usually just improvised but they cannot fool me with food that good…


Absolutely adorable and obscenely romantic were the little huts all around us, little lovenests for 2, such as this one

or that one

Mirthe and Jaus from Amsterdam are just good friends, but even they said they almost feel like making out because the place is just so inviting…

needless to say that some couples suddenly dissapeared behind one of the curtains or in a tent for a little makeout-session on one of the surrounding mattrasses (or what did you do those 10 minutes we couldn’t find you anywhere, Gabriel and Phoebe?

Clearly the star of the evening was lovely Amanda Pet, a whirlwind of sexiness and drama and extravaganza who entertained us all night long.

Even when she wasn’t singing or dancing, Amanda was always the perfect hostAss

We loved her as Tina Turner…




..and Dirty Hairy (here with my friend Frank who had a hard time resisting Amanda’s charms)


and no seat was left dry when Amanda ordered everyone to dance a Russian dance…


and yes, I couldn’t resist either…


We left at around 11, with a few more people around. If you’re interested in reservations for Berlin you can email thepalebluedoor@gmail.com.

To check for future dates (I know they’re planning on traveling the whole of South America soon) keep checking in with Tony’s blog at http://tonyhornecker.wordpress.com/


Finally, do check out this amazing video shot by Tom Ellis from the Pale Blue Door at Glastonbury