Here at Travelettes, we love food. One of the biggest perks of traveling is being able to sample exotic snacks and dishes that we’ve never heard of before and whose names we can’t even pronounce properly. After all, foreign cuisine is not only a treat for the tummy but also a way of exploring different cultures and national identities.

Homemade Italian pasta, dried insects in Mexico, fruity cakes in Copenhagen, cheese fondue in Switzerland, or a delicious NYC style brunch… it’s hard to pick a favourite!

However, as much fun as it is to explore culinary delights around the globe, we shouldn’t take it for granted. In many countries that we visit and tour on our holidays, large parts of the population are plagued by poverty and hunger.

While this is a socio-economic and political issue that needs to be tackled on a larger scale, there are little things every one of us can do to help. And that’s where “The Meal – documenting a global snack” comes in.

On February 24th at exactly 12pm, participants worldwide will photograph the meal or snack they are eating at that exact time. All entries mailed back to the organisers will be included in an exhibition at the Brooklyn Art Library in New York and featured online.

Why document a global snack?

“Nothing makes us feel connected quite like sharing a meal together. Our aim is to inspire a feeling of community across geographic and cultural boundaries. So wherever you may be on February 24th at 12pm, keep your camera handy and something delicious nearby – and remember that thousands of strangers, both near and far, are sharing that meal with you.” – The Meal

All you need to do is photograph yourself and your food and send in a print (check out the rules here). So why not get involved?

“Our aim with ‘The Meal’ is to inspire a feeling of community across geographic and cultural boundaries, while addressing the statement that ‘you are what you eat’. However, for nearly a billion people around the world, hunger is a constant daily reality and ‘what you eat’ is never enough. In conceiving of this project, our thoughts immediately turned to the chronic problem of global hunger and the amazing organizations that struggle against this persistent crisis.”

To participate, sign up on the official website. There you can also make a monetary donation, should you wish to do so. ‘The Meal’ is a project by the Art Hous Co-op. Participation is free.