When I think of Australian beaches, it’s usually beautiful stretches of sand, rolling luscious surf, babes of both gender laying out to bake, and the odd irrational but understandable fear of jellyfish, sharks, etc lurking in the unknown depths. I love the beach, but sometimes when you want to get some serious swimming done and get that blood pumping, a pool can be a tad easier than worrying about dangerous rip tides. So when I saw ‘The Icebergs’, it seemed like a safe place to swim while being surrounded by the gorgeous Australian Bondi Beach area of Sydney and still have the hot sun beating down on ya.

Photograph via Khookie’s

The Icebergs are quite an institution in Sydney since it’s been around since the 1920’s to provide a safe area to regularly swim in the winter months. It soon became a winter swimming club where the ‘newbies’ were initiated into the club by walking around the pool fully clothed… then being pushed in. Not a very extreme initiation…unless you can’t swim that is. And can you believe it, it was only in 1994 where female members were allowed to join!!! But now, even overseas/interstate visitors can try out the Bondi Icebergs pool for a small affordable price and be part of a 100 year swimming tradition in the iconic Bondi Beach area!

Photograph via Andrew Watson

It is a beautiful area with amazing views which you can enjoy while swimming in calm waters… the sea has been known to break over, splashing waves over into the pool which I personally think makes it one of the top unique pools in the world. And with views of Bondi Beach, it really isn’t just your basic local swimming pool, is it?

Photograph via 114

There is also a restaurant and bar attached incase you get a touch of post-swimming munchies, or just a glass of wine to accompany you when dusk settles while you watch the sights and the sea.

Photograph via Simon Mittag

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