Oh how lovely was our first Travelettes fleamarket! The turn-out was amazing and most of the 20 girls who sold their old vintage in support of their holiday piggy bank were able to trade rags for riches. The ladies brought on some really high end stuff which is why I invested most of the money I made straight back into new clothes. Flamenco shoes, a skirt, 2 tops, 2 books, a dvd, a sailor’s hat and a pink jacket are all in my possession now, exactly where they will stay, at least until the next fleamarket.

For those who could not be there, have a look at the photos I took when I wasn’t busy shopping ot chatting to by-passers.

anne julia und christina klamotten_20100704_0250 klamotten_20100704_0255 klamotten_20100704_0266 klamotten_20100704_0269 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0572 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0599 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0438 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0442 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0499 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0501 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0574 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0587 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0595 niamh and anika street und flohmarkt_20100704_0658 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0616 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0571 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0614 klamotten_20100704_0254 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0541
sophia kam gerade heim von der großen reise und ist eigentlich sängerin street und flohmarkt_20100704_0437 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0520 street und flohmarkt_20100704_0440

An finally I put together a little video with more impressions:

A lot of people have already asked us when the next fleamarket will be, we’re considering to run another one by the end of the summer. Check in for updates.

Happy travels!