Only very recently we went to visit beautiful South Tyrol in Northern Italy, a region where people speak both Italian and German, where Southern European Dolce Vita is met with traditional Bavarian culture. The landscape is loaded with beautiful lakes, luscious grapevines and stunning mountain panoramic views – no surprise so many find it it inspiring to be here. Just picture yourself waking up on top of a mountain, the sun shining through your window, you can see the lake sparkling in the distance and someone is making fresh dumplings for lunch. If you think this sounds like something that would spark your own creativity as well, keep reading.

For the 10th time this year, South Tyrol Marketing is giving away the Media Award for young journalists, photographers and – as of this year – bloggers.

If you’re a blogger and want to take part you must be 30 or under and come from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. You simply hand in an already published post from your blog, one that shows off your talents as a blogger. It can include video, photos, illustrations or any original content you can come up with.

While the blogpost can be on any given subject, along with it you’re required to hand in a brief concept explaining how you would lay out a blog entry about South Tyrol. It should be dealing with this question: How would you set up a blog post about South Tyrol and which social media channels would you use to spread it? If you can convince the jury you will be invited to South Tyrol in order to realize your concept.

3 finalists get to do all their research and have a great time – all expenses paid! Whether you want to write about amazing food, extreme sports or wellness – this could be your chance to splurge a little, all in the name of die-hard blog journalism of course. Nice perk on top: the winner is awarded an extra €3000.

The jury in this case consists of 5 established bloggers: Norman Röhling from, Clemens Polczok from, Mia Bühler who runs, Kunigunde Weissenegger, editor of Franz Magazine and myself, Katja Hentschel.

There are no limites to your creativity, so just run with it. To take part you have to enter your submission as well as a CV before December 7th by filling out this online form. The winner will be announced in January 2014.

Good luck!