Had you asked me a few years ago whether I would one day be keen to travel to a family hotel, I would have probably reacted with disbelief. But then life happened and I became a mom and it’s true what they say: when the kids are happy, the parents are happy! That’s definitely true for me, so if I can provide my little guy with the holiday of a lifetime that will totally fill my happy jar. While my 4-year old and I often go traveling together, usually to warm locations, I do know that he loooves to spend time in snowed in places. Therefore, when the opportunity rolled around to visit the Feuerstein Resort and Spa in South Tyrol, I knew we had to go.

It had only been a few weeks since our last trip to South Tyrol together, which is no problem at all, since I love the place and will gladly go back many, many times. In fact, it’s been a wonderful journey getting to know the different faces and places across this gorgeous part of Europe. Something I had still to tick off my agenda for South Tyrol was a ski trip so this was going to be it. Except of course I don’t ski, but hey – minor detail!

But back to the Feuerstein. The first impression was amazing. This is a hotel that really manages to combine Scandinavian chic with a traditional yet modern vibe, including lots of beautiful wooden features throughout. The hotel opened in 2017 and everything still seems super new and in amazing condition, a small miracle for a place that specialises in little guests (if my son’s room is an indicator for what 2 years can do to a place).

It’s true that pretty much everyone who comes here brings at least one child with them. And why wouldn’t they? After all, wee ones get offered so much here! I mean, a wood workshop? A family sauna? An adventure pool with 4 slides? A mud room? An art room? Free lunch and dinner? The list goes on and on, but rather than just throwing words around, I want to show you in some more detail just what there is to do for the people us parents love the most.

But before I do that I will actually point out the answer to another question I got asked on instagram while staying here: What is there to do for grown-ups?

This question does make me smile a bit, because as far as I am concerned all I want from a holiday is some peace and sanity, so other people entertaining my child, introducing him to new friends and exposing him to all the arts, crafts, music and fun-time he could possibly hope for is the type of thing that will make me feel like I am operating at my best, because not only is my kiddo happy, I also get to have a break and do something for me. Like taking a swim in the heated outdoor lap pool while snowflakes gently drizzle down my face. Like enjoying an afternoon wine tasting at the hotel bar. Like taking a yoga class, working out at the gym, reading a book, going skiing, cross-country-skiing, snow-shoeing or stuffing my face with the super delicious cakes and desserts the Feuerstein serves every afternoon from 3 to 5. I did almost all those things daily and I think I was a happier mother because of it.

So here are the things available for kids I loved the most.

The Play Barn

This place is a huge favorite with all the children and how couldn’t it be? On 2 levels there is a giant trampoline, a dress up room full of clothes waiting to be tried on, a cool tunnel slide, a bouldering wall, a wall labyrinth with plenty of nooks to ply hide and seek and a hay loft where wildlings can jump and rope-swing at their heart’s content.

Special perk: the hay filled area where adventurous kids can jump from 2 meters high into a padded area. Fun guaranteed!

The Wood Workshop

One floor up from the Play Barn is the wood workshop, a stunning loft with enormous windows, adding a super fancy vibe to this unusual hotel feature. Under supervision and during set times, kids and their parents can come and craft something wooden to take home. It can be a sword, a star or a guitar with actual strings – the kid’s wishes come first! If a child has a special item they want to make, nothing will be left untried to create just that – creativity can truly roam free here!

The Kids Club

The kids club set up is a little different to most hotels as there is a separation made between kids aged 0-4 and 4-10. While the small kids can be supervised from 9am to 2pm, there is only a 2-hour slot allocated for the older ones, between 2 and 4. This has been designed this way as most kids over 4 go to ski school. That said, if your child does not want to ski but requires supervision in the morning (despite being over 4 years old). Kids club staff will usually be flexible and accommodating. Awesome add-on in the kid’s club – children receive a free lunch!

Kids dinner

“All kids who can eat unassisted, if only with their hands” is the only rule when it comes to the kids’ dinner that happens every night between 6 and 7.30pm. Parents can drop off their young ones while finding some time to eat alone and enjoy the luxurious fine dining experience provided by the Feuerstein on a daily basis, if you’ve booked the 3/4 pension deal, something most families do. Most parents of small children will know about the difference of having a meal with and without kids at the table.

The Mud Room

Safe to say my son was at least as impressed as I was with this space – an entire and large room filled with sand, 2 water points and all the play options to create a muddy paradise. Parents scared of dirty clothes (Here! Here!) can relax as mud pants and rubber boots are provided in all sizes. The mud room can be accessed at all times.

The art studio

Does your wee one like to get crafty? I know mine does! Bring them here during allocated hours to make a gorgeous painting, something to take home and forever remember. The best part: unlike most art studios, paper is not the limit in this one – even the walls can be the child’s canvas! Sky really is the limit when it comes to creative expression.

During our 4 nights here, I had a lot of messages from people who had either stayed here already and said how much they had loved it and were planning on coming back soon, or those who were looking into it but were concerned about pricing. While this 5-star resort is not exactly a budget hotel, I found that the vast offer available to guests is worth every penny. A look at the hotel website is very worthwhile as some great special deals are being extended, find the overview here. It seemed to me that every time i started a conversation with one of the other traveling families at the hotel people were overall raving about their experience, telling me they had spontaneously extended or were already planning their return. Safe to say the odds are you won’t regret bringing your family here.

Disclaimer: The Feuerstein Spa and Mountain resort has kindly invited us to 4 complimentary nights. All opinions expressed are my own.