I first started backpacking at age 22. That was also the first time that I went traveling with an actual backpack. I must say – I felt pretty cool. I was now “one of them”. Giving in to peer pressure (that didn’t actually exist, I just pretended it did) my travel wardrobe suddenly consisted of loose cotton wrap pants (Thai fisherman style) and white rip shirts. Leather sandals or thongs were another must-have. Did these clothes reflect my actual style in the least? No. Did I actually enjoy carrying 30 pounds of clothes on my back around India? Not really. But hey, I was a backpacker. It was the thing to do. I did what backpackers do.


Fast forward 3 years. I embarked on an epic one-year trip around the world. The first 3 months of traveling through South East Asia I did the thing I knew: cotton pants, rip shirts, sandals. All stuffed into a 60L backpack. Then I arrived in Sydney, a big city, kind of like Paris, where I had lived just before leaving on my great adventure. Suddenly rip shirts and cotton pants didn’t seem so cool anymore, they actually seemed touristy and not at all like me. Wasn’t I always the one who wore lipstick and heels and cute vintage dresses? Long story short, I decided then and there that I could have both – I could be a backpacker and still wear wheat I liked to wear. So I became that girl that backpacked the world with a pack full of dresses and 5 pairs of heels.


Fast forward 8 more years. I am 33 now. I live in a nice apartment, I have my own business, I even have a child. Do I still own a backpack? You bet. Does it get much use? Nah, not really. Because guess what: traveling with a suitcase is awesome! That’s right, I said it. You can roll it, you can use it as your always ready closet, it fits a lot more and your clothes don’t crumple quite as badly as they do in a backpack. It is blissful.

Naturally you can’t hike the Himalayas with one of these but other than that there aren’t a whole lot of trips that cannot be done with a suitcase. True, you don’t get to bask in the glory of calling yourself a backpacker, but that nice light feeling of air on your back just might make up for it.

delsey (1 of 1)

Speaking of air – we were recently asked to test-drive the new Helium Air model by Delsey, a suitcase after my kind. It really is surprisingly light, has a beautiful interior and can fit sooooo much, that in the end I had to take out a whole bunch of clothes because I had packed it up to 30kg! Unfortunately Air France doesn’t allow luggage heavier than 22kg. Another feature I love – 4 rolls! Up until now my large suitcase only had 2 rolls, which is fine, but 4 really is a little piece of heaven. Nothing feels better than swiftly sliding through that airport, latte in one hand, suitcase in the other, as it just elegantly rolls down the corridor beside you. Sigh.

helium air blue by delsey

Big tip: opt for one of the colorful options (the blue one is soooooo pretty!) as these are MUCH easier to spot at baggage claim than the lovely, but unfortunately also very popular grey and black models. Unless you are a business traveler – let’s have a bit of color on our travels, right? And for the geeks out there, this model rules safety with its TSA combination lock and ZIP SECURITECH, a unique zip system which is 41! times more resilient than a classic zip. Impressive, right?

delsey helium air inside

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. You’re thinking “Aw man, I really want one of those!” Well, good news, friend, we’re giving one away! Better yet, you get to pick your own color and model from these options:

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-21 um 19.01.32

Of course, each size comes in one of the 4 available colors – blue, red, grey and black. Take your pick and leave us a comment why you need a new suitcase!

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed! 


*This blogpost was realised in collaboration with Delsey.