Surfing, bodyboarding and skateboarding? No problem for surfer-dog Osso. Two years ago I had the pleasure to meet this dog and the person, who taught Osso everything- his proud owner Christiano. During my travels in Peru I heard of the small surfer town Máncora, which is situated close to the border of Equador- that seemed like the perfect getaway from my extensive travels through South Peru, where I spent many nights in cold and crowded busses. And hey – it was even better than I thought- sunny weather, dolphins and the attraction of the town: Christiano and his surfer dog Osso. I have been lucky, as Christiano became my surfing teacher for a couple of days and we were hanging out together. Iwas totally fascinated by his skilled dog. Together they lived in a wooden house that was full of lizards.

When not giving surfing lessons to earn money for food or the newest surf / kiteboard equipment, Christiano and Osso went surfing, skateboarding or partying together. I can only say: Thumbs up!!! The two really impressed me and I am sure that I once will tell my grandchildren how I met what is probably coolest dog of the universe.

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