Before moving to Berlin for good I came here every once in a while, mostly to see friends and party like there’s no tomorrow enjoy the occasional night out. On New Years Eve  2009 and with absolutely no expections a few friends and I went to a pretty new Club called .HBC. Right then, just one hour into the new year I stepped into what would become my new favorite club ever.

So why is this place so brilliant?

a) It’s HUGE. I’m not even sure of the exact number of rooms is but I think there are about 15 of them (some of which are very small, others that are massive). This is pretty great because you never get bored. Even if you just spend your time cirlcing through the various locations, you have a pretty evening-filling programm ahead of you.

b) HBC puts the art in party. Originally this venue started out as a gallery space where group exhibitions were happening and often several artists would take over a room each and have total freedom in what to do with it. The party element was  originally added as just a finnissage party for the exhibitions but so many people showed up that now parties and art are equally important.

c) You never know what to expect. I get bored easily with most clubs because it’s pretty much the same every week. Same people, same music. Because HBC often has artists realise their visions in their extended location you might go and witness a room full of balloons, one with a bar handing out grilled insects dipped in chocolate, there might be mud-wrestling or a room that is totally black except for a tiny light spot on the ceiling.

HBC is run by 3 charming down-to-earth dudes who started this project to give berlin something it really needed. After being closed for a few months HBC has reopened its refurbished doors to the public this saturday which was a great party with everyone being mighty happy that this Club is back on the scene. See photos of saturday here and here.

here’s some photos of the location with its various rooms…

IMG_8874 IMG_8933 IMG_8906 IMG_8894 IMG_8886 IMG_8882 IMG_7783

and here are a few scenes you’re likely to witness when coming here
hbc 294 IMG_7636 IMG_7635

happy partying,