My best friend Sabrina was going to get married and to live up to that beautiful woman her bachelorette party needed to be PERFECT! Unfortunately, with the wedding date set shortly before Christmas, the original ideas of spending a day in an exclusive spa with her girlfriends or escaping on a short trip to Milan wasn’t really in the cards for us. To our disappointment the bride-to-be had also made it absolutely clear that she neither wanted an American-styled bachelorette party with a sexy male stripper and lots of liquor, nor to walk the streets of Trier with her girlfriends in super embarrassing matching outfits, selling candy and sex toys to strangers in order to afford drinking (which, by the way, is a weird but traditional bachelorette party custom in Germany).

Instead, we had to think of something classy, inexpensive and fun – maybe something creative which could compensate for our lack of money. We wanted Sabrina’s bachelorette party to be unforgettable and give her something she had never experienced before: A Trip Around The World.

The world: Trier, our small city in Germany (pop. 100 000)

Our itinerary:

РParis, France: Cafe au lait at a little French caf̩

– Moscow, Russia: drinking Vodka shots and eating pickles in the park

– The Orient: belly dancing class with a dance instructor

– Shanghai, China: picking a fortune cookie in a Chinese restaurant

– New York, USA: burgers at an American Fast Food Restaurant

– Madrid, Spain: Tequila shot at a Mexican or Spanish bar

Trier, Germany (back to her fiance): Wine tasting and dinner at a traditional German restaurant


The Preparation, or What to do before the Bachelorette Party?

  • Design an invitation card containing the party’s date, meeting point and exact time. Mail it to the bride-to-be without a return address (the date being scheduled shortly before the wedding date and the card crafted exclusively in girly colors like pink, purple and gold, the bride will surely know that this is the invitation to her bachelorette party).

  • Get all her best girlfriends together via secret Facebook groups and messages and have them ready 30 minutes before the bride-to-be arrives – waiting for her with a bottle of champagne.

  • Book a belly dancing class at a local dancing school and ask the instructor for costumes up-front.

  • DIY Quiz Cards: Take a picture of the bride-to-be and make as many copies as you have stops on your itinerary. For every stop glue a picture of a typical lover right next to her. For funny pictures of typical lovers just flick through old women’s magazines. If you can’t find enough material use the almighty powers of an online search engine. Search for terms such as “typical French lover”, “Spanish hottie” etc.


  • DIY Boarding Passes: Print out plain boarding passes (can be found online) and fill out the different travel destinations.
  • Get traditional clothing and costumes matching the chosen destinations (e.g. hats, scarfs, accessories)

  • Organize and prepare typical drinks and food for every stop (e.g. Vodka for Russia, Olives and Hummus for the Orient)

05_New York2

The Rules, or What to do at the Bachelorette Party?

As soon as the bride-to-be arrives, welcome her with a glass of champagne and explain the rules of her bachelorette party, which will be her last party around the world as an unmarried woman. In order to travel to the different locations, she has to guess the upcoming destination by the looks of her “typical lover” – if she guesses wrong she has to drink a shot; if she is right she receives a boarding pass and the representative outfit for the following trip.

Bachelorette Sabrina, who by the way looked absolutely stunning in every single given outfit, loved the idea of traveling around the world. To intensify the experience all of us picked up the particular accent of the current location. The girls were open-minded and absolutely loved trying all the different customs. Take a look at our Bachelorette Party Around The World and our very own interpretation of the world and get inspired for your future trip around the world.

04_China1 03_Orient1

How do you see the world? Be inspired and plan your best friend’s bachelorette party – there are no limits to your creativity. Happy bachelorette travels y’all!

* guest post written by Beatrice Grundheber