You wander the streets of a new city. You have never been here before, you’re lost. Every corner looks the same, the same shops are selling artistic cupcakes, coffee in paper cups, plastic souvenirs to bring home or magazines which you can’t read anyways. The streets are either to small and windy or too wide and straight to allow any form of orientation. You wish you could fly high above the ground and get an overview, just like a bird. Your brain longs for graphic solutions to bring logic into the big city mess in front of you.


Something like this must have gone through Jazzberry Blue‘s mind when he designed his abstract city maps. The Toronto based artist belongs to my favourite graphic artists, known for his surreal and abstract images of the world and societ. He designed a series of city maps made up of geometrical forms breaking down the urban confusion. Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, New Delhi, London, Paris, Jerusalem and Milan – all different, but suddenly their tangled nets of streets seem to make sense.

chicago jerusalem milan newyork

Check out Jazzberry Blue’s webpage to find more of his designs and the Society 6 online shop to purchase the one or the other print. Starting at 19$ they’re a bargain in my eyes and will brighten up any apartment!

All images via Society 6.

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