Postcards can be super fun to send and receive, but what do you do when you have a stack of them? I’ve seen them displayed in various ways – from friends tacking a piece of string across the wall and hanging them from it to the neighborhood post-office using postcards to frame world map. I had the idea to use the postcards as a photo frame and now you can to!

With the help of a postcard, a few nifty cuts and photos, you can create a frame in under five minutes. You can either use postcards you’ve received or do up your own by purchasing them at a store or taking those free promotional ones often available at bars. And you can choose to keep it travel themed by framing travel shots… Maybe even ones that correspond to the place the postcards was sent from…
I made up a dummy postcard then went the other route of choosing photos from a visit back home to remind of of friends, family and fond memories.

Exacto knife
Super glue (optional)

1. Bend the postcard in half. this will give dimension and also allow
it to stand up on it’s own.

2. You will likely need to trim the photo down in size as the standard photograph size is often the same as a postcard and it will need to be small than the postcard.

3. Hold the photo against the postcard to figure out the placement of your impending cuts and then cut a small incision about 2cm wide in each corner of the postcard. Those will be what holds the photo in place.

Precise cuts can be a little tricky so you may want to try out a test frame with a piece of card-stock first before cutting into actual postcard. Even so, the incisions you make with the exacto knife will be small, so if you dome a mistake, it’ll barely alter the postcard.

4. Insert each corner of the photo not the corresponding slots that you’ve just made in the postcard. If it’s having a hard time staying put, use a dab of super glue to keep it in place.


*post written by Nilina Mason Campbell