Ten years ago options for veggie dining in Prague were nearly non-existent. When I committed to visiting a month ago I figured I would have a hard time finding vegan fare. After only a few minutes of research, however, it became apparent that Prague could not only accommodate my love of greens, but that it had more options than I could possibly sample during my two-week stay there. I envisioned the country’s cuisine to be heavy on stewed meats and dumplings and certainly didn’t expect to find any raw vegan restaurants. However, the past decade has brought an influx of new vegetarian restaurants to the capital of the Czech Republic. It also has at least eighteen vegan restaurants and a number of health food stores.

Top Vegan Eateries in Prague / Randi Delano

So, what happened to cause the shift? Even though Czech people have a reputation of thinking that a meal isn’t a meal without meat, they are extremely curious and open to trying new types of cuisine. That said, vegetarian dining is nothing new to Prague; it had at least four meat-free restaurants prior to World War II which is not something many cities in Europe can say. The recent change appears to be organic in nature. Czechs seem to be embracing international nutrition which has led to an influx of health food stores that expose locals to vegan and vegetarian products.

I was fortunate enough to dine at several vegan/vegetarian restaurants and had my fill of insanely good food during two weeks there. Here are my top 5 choices of the fantastic vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Prague (although they are in no particular order).

1) LoVeg

the best 5 Vegan Eateries in Prague / Randi Delano

LoVeg is located a few blocks from Charles Bridge so 70% of their customers are tourists. Karel Chlumec, the owner, left an unfulfilling job in television media and decided to cook and sell vegan food at summer music festivals. The response from curious locals was positive, especially among the tattooed death metal crowd. When satisfied customers began to ask him where they could find his dishes elsewhere he considered selling vegan street food on a full-time basis. However, when he found the space LoVeg is currently located he fell in love with it and decided to open a restaurant instead. The menu was developed with the idea that you can “veganize” anything and features a global cuisine. LoVeg has great food and excellent atmosphere, friendly waitstaff, and cool music playing in the background. Be sure to try the Vegan Bacon Burger or the Nasi Goreng and don’t forego dessert, the Raw Raspberry Cake is worth the extra calories.

LoVeg’s ideal location, wide variety of international cuisine, and incredible atmosphere makes it a restaurant every vegan should visit at least once while in Prague.


2) Secret of Raw

the best 5 Vegan Eateries in Prague / Randi Delano

Secret of Raw was opened in 2013. The restaurant isn’t exactly centrally located and since vegan/raw diets are popular in Prague right now 80% of their customers are Czech. The owners Jan Plajner and Eva Kavkova met 5 years ago while working on another project. A few years later Eva turned raw and within a week started seeing the health benefits of her new lifestyle. However, there was one issue, it was difficult to socialize and stick to her new diet. So, the idea for Secret of Raw was born. Rather than trying to convert anyone to a new lifestyle, Jan and Eva simply want to share with the people of Prague a new way of eating and all the health benefits that come along with it. The restaurant has a wide selection of tempting wares in a light-filled, clean, and modern restaurant. My favorites dish was the Mushroom Crepes with Spinach and Garlic Spread.

Don’t be deterred by location, it is well worth the walk or short tram ride from the town center. The high quality ingredients, varied menu, and lovingly prepared food ensure that you will want to go back every time you’re in Prague.


3) Country Life

the best 5 Vegan Eateries in Prague / Randi Delano

Country Life, as the name suggests, offers patrons country-style food in a self-service cafeteria style manner right in the heart of central Prague. You can choose from hot and cold dishes, a salad bar, fresh juice, and desserts. Everything is vegetarian and there are tons of vegan options. The food isn’t fancy but rather cozy and comforting.

Country Life, opened in 1998, is located just around the corner from Old Town Square and steps from its health food store, also named Country Life. With its location, daily changing menu, and cozy atmosphere Country Life is a great place to frequent for a relaxed and casual lunch while staying in Prague.


4) Veggie Point

the best 5 Vegan Eateries in Prague / Randi Delano

For those who fancy junk food with a healthy twist is the newly opened Veggie Point. The menu includes burgers, sandwiches and wraps, but it’s more than just a vegan fast food joint. Veggie Point uses organic ingredients, something that isn’t easy to find in Prague because of, according to Veggie Point’s owner Eva Chromcova, the high price of organic food, scandals in the Czech Republic questioning whether organic is more healthy than conventional food, and a focus on eating as cheaply as possible. After traveling throughout Europe and America Eva missed the vegan burgers, sandwiches, and salads made from high quality ingredients and decided to open Veggie Point. It is a great place to visit to if you’re looking for a quick lunch to satisfy your cravings for a burger and fries and still feel healthy and happy afterward.


5) Maitrea

the best 5 Vegan Eateries in Prague / Randi Delano

Maitrea‘s philosophy is to create an inspiring and pleasant place for people to meet and enjoy healthy vegetarian food. The restaurant, which is now five years old, is beautifully designed with Buddha statues, water fountains, cozy plush seating, over sized and abstract fixtures casting warm light throughout the interior. The menus are large and a bit confusing with each option being accompanying by various symbols indicating vegan, vegetarian, gluten, etc. But it includes a wide variety of vegan dishes and options for those with any imaginable type of dietary restriction (raw, gluten-free, etc.). The menu is composed of cuisine from countries around the globe and has a myriad of drink options like fresh juice and even Aztec hot chocolate. Maitrea is a good place to visit if you want like having a wide variety of options to choose from, have dietary concerns beyond being vegetarian or vegan, and have a little extra room in your budget

the best 5 Vegan Eateries in Prague / Randi Delano

Prague is a marvelous city for so many reasons, a multitude of vegan food options being just one. And the trend toward healthier and animal friendly cuisine shows no signs of slowing down. Who knows what could happen in this city in another ten years time.

This is a guest post by Randi Delano who blogs over at Just A Pack.
All photos by Randi & the mentioned restaurants.


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