Before every trip I take, the first thing I do is sit down at my computer and try to find the best coffee shops at my next destination. I scour the web, looking through countless blogs and pins on Pinterest to make a list of cafés in each neighborhood that I plan to visit. Now, on every trip I take when I need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, I simply check the list I made and locate the closest coffee shop on it. You might have guessed correctly: I love coffee shops.

At home in San Francisco, visiting coffee shops is my favorite thing to do whenever I have some time to spare. With a novel and a notebook in hand, I head to one of my favorite spots to sip a latté and read or work on a piece for my blog.

I am always trying to make it out to new spots and discover new favorites. To save you some work and introduce you to a few of my favorite hang-out spots, here is a list of my five best coffee shops in San Francisco.

The 5 Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco - Sightglass 1, Travelettes

1. Sightglass Coffee

Whenever I want to people watch and don’t plan on getting too much work done, I go to Sightglass of Seventh Street. The atmosphere at the SOMA location is hip and energetic. Try to grab a seat at the counter in front of the window or upstairs at the bar, looking out over the first floor.


The 5 Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco - andytown 2, travelettes

2. Andytown Coffee Roasters

Located in the Sunset, at 42nd and Lawton, Andytown (or “Andy” as my friends and I affectionately call it) is a very special place. Andytown is located near my old high school, and my best friend and I used to head here almost every day before class to enjoy iced lattés and gossip. Whenever I am back in town, I try to make it back to visit Andy and catch up with my friends. The crew here make you feel like you are one of their friends, and the space is open and inviting. Everybody loves the Snowy Plover, an espresso and sparkling water drink with whipped cream, but I think their iced lattés are the best. If you want to pick up one of their homemade baked goods, make sure to head over early before they run out.


3. Sextant Coffee Roasters

Sextant feels like Sightglass’s little brother. The up-and-coming coffee roaster is also in SOMA and has a much calmer vibe. Head to the back for a seat on the outdoor patio, or sit in front at a table to look out the front window. Sextant is a great relaxed place to get work done or read a book.


4. The Mill

I finally made it to The Mill for the first time last week, and it instantly became one of my favorites. I ordered a latté, and my friend had the country toast with cinnamon and sugar. Naturally, I stole a bite of her toast. The bread was so light and had that delicious sourdough flavor, and the buttery top was covered in a sweet layer of cinnamon sugar. My latté was milky and smooth, and it is probably my favorite latté in the city. The interior of The Mill is a beautiful minimalist space with white marble countertops and high ceilings; this spot is an easy place to spend endless hours on a rainy afternoon.


The 5 Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco - Wrecking Ball 2, Travelettes

5. Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters

Wrecking Ball is a gem tucked away on Union Street. Not only is the coffee great, but also the famous pineapple wallpaper makes for the perfect Instagram shot with your morning cortado. Have a seat at the counter to watch your drink being made, and chat with the baristas, or if it is not too chilly grab a table outside. They also have some great merchandise here. I was tempted to pick up a planner filled with images of coffees and teas from different places all around the world.

Unbelievable, that a few years ago I didn’t even like coffee… it’s safe to say that now I’m addicted and can’t go a day without a latté. Coffee culture is thriving in San Francisco, and what attracts me most are the communities that these local coffee shops help build. San Francisco is the perfect destination to savor artisan coffee and enjoy the welcoming, creative spaces these coffee shops offer.

Which is your favorite coffee shop in San Francisco?

This is a guest post by Sofia Serdengecti.

The 5 Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco - guest blogger Sofia is from the San Francisco Bay Area and studies Political Science at Santa Clara University. She grew up spending her summers traveling to Europe and staying with her family on the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey. Sofia writes about style, travel, food and coffee on her blog, Leyla. Follow her travels on Instagram @traveler_sofia.