Le sigh…

We’re all depressed. We’re all stressed our 2020 plans are ruined. We’re all sitting at home going slightly stir crazy, shovelling carbs into our face holes, right? 

Well, our friends at Lonely Planet have gone and done us a massive solid by making their Lonely Planet TV (which is usually a premium paid service) FREE to watch over the Covid-19 period. 

Okay, so it’s not quite as good as actually dipping your footsies into the mesmerising waters of the Maldives, or wolfing down street noodles in Ho Chi Minh – but it’s got to be the next best thing!

On Lonely Planet TV you can choose from easy-breezy shorts, full-length travel docs, travel food vids and even a super-cute Lonely Planet Kids series, which seems like a great way to get young minds excited about next years trips.

 The Globe Trekker series has no less than 18 series which all contain around 15 episodes – at almost an hour each; you could easily shave a few weeks off of your lockdown life. The Globe Trekker series have an educational-basis, so you’re going to come out a better person than you went in hopefully!

For more easy-going watching their selection of food documentaries are a delicious way to plan your next trips, with shows from celebrity chefs and the Planet Food series that covers a vast host of regions. You can also watch along live with Lonely Planet Channel’s TV programme, or pick and choose based on your potential upcoming trips. 

But the best bit has to be – LP has curated a “Daydream During the Lockdown” section which features almost 200 shorts from tourism bodies around the world with messages of hope and unity. It hit me in the feels like 1) I’ve been drinking wine non-stop for like three months now and 2) although I’ve read many articles about keeping positive about travel during this challenging time, the shorts are a cute, albeit slightly cheesy way to remind ourselves that life is just on pause for now, but not forever.

But for now, go forth and binge!

Stay safe, folks and look forward to making new memories.

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