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6 Cities to see in 2015

I love new beginnings. While I'm somewhere between shocked and stunned that we'll pop cheap champagne to welcome a new year in just six weeks, 2015 to me is already filled with dreams, uncertainty and travel itineraries. I’ve never been to any of the places below (shock horror!) so my imagination may well be absolute nonsense but you’re welcome to share [...]

12 cities in 12 months - no need to be a millionaire

Last year my mother gave me a book for Christmas that I took, despite moving back and forth between continents, always with me, because I liked it too much to not stuff in the last corner of my backpack. It is called 'Das große Los', which I think can be adequately translated either as 'the winning ticket' or 'the big chance' by German journalist Meike Winn[...]

The Travelettes Wish List 2015

Personally, I have never been a big fan of bucket lists. With every "20 places to see before you die" and "10 once in a lifetime trips" I shudder at the fact, that some few experiences (like seeing the Taj Mahal or hiking Machu Picchu) are deemed to be more valuable than others (like seeing the Victorian necropolis in Glasgow or hiking Sambock in South Tyrol[...]

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