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10 US destinations to escape the winter chill

January through March marks a time in my travel calendar when I try to escape the icy streets of New York City, in favor of warmer locales. I don’t always have to travel somewhere far like Puerto Vallarta either - there are some really great places in the United States that offer warmth, activity, and a change of scenery. Some of these are old winter-trave[...]

8 Essential Winter Travel Accessoires

No matter how often I travel, I just can't seem to solve the mystery of packing. If I don't over-pack, I run out of clean t-shirts after three days or realise I forgot to pack any socks at all. And if I don't forget these essentials be sure that I simply packed for the wrong season. That just happened to me last week, when I decided to ignore the forecasts a[...]

Swim like an Egyptian: Winter Getaway in El Gouna

I must admit that I am not very spontaneous. At least not for normal, every day life things. Call me on a Friday evening when I'm sitting on the couch and ask me if I want to go for a drink to the corner bar, chances are, I will say no. But call me on that same Friday night and ask me if I can be at the airport in a few hours to fly to a random destination a[...]

6 things to do in Chicago in Winter

Have you heard about Chicago? Well, who hasn't - from its immigration days, music heritage, and political bosses to Route 66 and Jack Kerouac’s tales, The Blues Brothers, to Michael Jordan, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off… Chicago is an integral part of American culture. And yet, I had never been to the Windy City - so named mainly for its weather, maybe a[...]

10 awesome Christmas Markets in Europe

It's that time of the year: next weekend, four weeks before Christmas Eve, Christmas markets all over Europe literally hit the light switch and open their gates for happy children and thirsty grown-ups. Here people shop for cheesy Christmas gifts, indulge in over-prized German import products and get tipsy on the sticky sweet hot bevs they call glögg, punsc[...]

How to find the Northern Lights

There are certain wonders of nature that will fascinate every single human being on this planet. The colourful clouds dancing across the winter sky of the northern hemisphere are one of those wonders. The eyes of even the hardest-boiled beach goers and fans of tropical climates are lighting up when they hear about them. I hardly know anybody who doesn't dre[...]

Your Winter Travel Wishlist, or Why I Love Winter Travel

We love wishlists, you love wishlists, but does winter travel love wishlists? Does the cold, snow and windy weather lend itself to being explored, enjoyed and embraced? YES, is my confident answer, which is based on many previous winters bringing me some of the best travel experiences I've ever had. While Kathi outlined her winter travel bucket lis[...]

5 Reasons to travel Europe in Winter

July - summer is spoiling me with eternal sunshine, my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds are filled with my friends' beautiful holiday snaps and all my clocks are switched to wanderlust, but there is one thing missing: time. I know at least one other Travelette who is in the same situation and will instantly raise her hand on this - at this point let's a[...]

Return to Norway - the snow in Hovden

Man, I love Norway. Like really love it. As in, Icouldlivethere love it. This January was my 3rd time there and never cease to be amazed at the gorgeous landscapes, the lovely people, the amazing food, the whole thing. It  just never gets old, even when I'm visiting a place that is really just made of snow and a few wooden houses. After spending part[...]

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