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Eloping to New York: 10 tips on how to tie the knot when you have a travel bug

"Walking down the aisle" For many years this term meant one thing to me: carrying my trolley to seat 19A of flight XY1234 and feeling the thrill of the plane take off to my next travel destination. Until last year I didn't understand what was so special about having a wedding ring when you can wear a ring from a souvenir shop in Tanzania and another o[...]

This couple has 100 Weddings in 100 Countries

Some couples are meant to be. Morgana and Devin lived in the same neighbourhood for 15 years, shopped at the same supermarket, worked out at the same gym and attended many of the same events - yet they never met until one fine day Devin found Morgana on OK Cupid. Everything that followed is history. Today the couple is happily married, but one wedding ce[...]

Wedding gifts for the Travelettes in your life

Wedding season is upon us in the United States! I have several friends this year who are avid travelers, have met their spouses abroad, or just like cute and quirky gifts that go beyond a chip-n-dip and monogrammed hand towels. Travel-themed wedding gifts are great even for people who don't travel all that often as well, and may even inspire the couple to em[...]

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