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Top 10 awesome experiences in Bali

Our Bali month is over, but my Bali stay is only half way through. These 4 weeks however have been a great start, and an opportunity to get some valuable insight into how this island ticks - and I've done my best to see as much as possible and to get a real feel for this beautiful piece of land. Back in 2016, Annika wrote a pretty great guide for the top 10 [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Scuba Diving on Your Next Holiday

You may have gone bungee jumping or backpacked through Europe. Maybe you've even explored the Amazon rainforest and been to every popular city in Asia. But, your adventures are incomplete until you've scuba-dived. If you enjoy adventure and you're always up for trying something new, this underwater activity might be perfect for you. Here are five top reasons[...]

Gone Sea Kayaking: A Weekend in Oban

It is not often that we get an exceptionally sunny and warm Spring weekend in Scotland, but when it happens I am the first to get long for adventure. Not too long ago it was such a weekend, so my boyfriend and I rented a car and drove north. We had our minds set on a little Scottish coastal town not too far from Glasgow but special enough to get away from i[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Diving

Hi, my name is Annika and I am an addict. Unfortunately, the place I am staying at right now has signs all over the place saying 'Fuel your addiction'. So what can a girl do, but give into temptation and... go diving?! Ever since my last Thailand trip when I took my first breath underwater I have been completely addicted to diving and it seems whomever I [...]

5 things to do at the Victoria Falls

When last Christmas I broke the news at home, that I wanted to travel to Africa, and my dad instantly said, 'I'll join you', I jumped head over heels into planning our adventure. Having never visited the continent before, I was pretty much open for any destination really, and with my dad being a TV nature documentary adventurer at heart, we quickly decided [...]

A Travelette finds Nemo – Underwater love in Thailand

I'm sitting at the Emirates lounge in Bangkok with a plane home to catch in an hour. The only good thing about this scenario is that I can drown my sorrow in the bottom of a bottomless champagne glass. And the fact that there is fast wi-fi so I can plan my next adventures. Other than that I am absolutely miserable due to the fact that yesterday I was swimmin[...]

10 Awesome Kayaking Spots in Australia

It's the perspective that can turn any boring every-day thing into the most spectacular experience ever - like the bird's-eye view of your hometown when you approach the airport by plane, or slowly cycling along a road that you usually zoom along in a car or bus. Suddenly you become conscious of details you never noticed before, and somehow this place you t[...]

Swim like an Egyptian: Winter Getaway in El Gouna

I must admit that I am not very spontaneous. At least not for normal, every day life things. Call me on a Friday evening when I'm sitting on the couch and ask me if I want to go for a drink to the corner bar, chances are, I will say no. But call me on that same Friday night and ask me if I can be at the airport in a few hours to fly to a random destination a[...]

The Travelettes' Guide to St Peter Ording

I have a confession to make. Even though I've traveled well over 50 countries and will usually always devote every bit of free time to go abroad and explore, I know next to nothing about the country I live and grew up in. That's a rightful shame because I know for a fact that Germany has a lot more to offer than just an awesome capital. It was only when I wa[...]

Tremosine: Picture perfect in every way

Tremosine sul Garda. It’s beyond impossible to encapsulate the sheer beauty of this Italian getaway in words, or be able to really get across the crazy deliciousness of the local produce, but after spending a weekend in this mountainous commune beside Lake Garda in northern Italy, I swear I will try to do my damn best as it deserves recognition! Not only [...]

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