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The UK's amazing, travelling vintage fair

Roll up, roll up, the fair's in town! Ok, so if you're seeking a ride in the bumper cars and a face full of cotton candy, this might not be quite what you're looking for. But if vintage treasure and a bit of good, old fashioned entertainment's the name of your game, then this fabulous, travelling fair is your dream come true... The Vintage Fair slowly[...]

How to dress for a road trip (according to the movies)

Road trip check-list: you have the vehicle, the maps, an enthusiastic travel companion and the perfect soundtrack. But what clothes should you pack? Sure, you could solve this by settling for comfy tracksuits, but you don’t want to be caught wearing them on every photo from your trip (unless of course you are going for the full-on gangsta look: in this ca[...]

Where Neon City rests its Bones

When visitors think of Las Vegas, naturally everything glitz and glamour will spring to their mind: streets lined with posh hotels, world-famous show attractions, and 24-hour nightlife. Towering above the crowds, billboards and high-tech video screens in colorful hues vie for the stunned visitor's attention. And yet, one of the world's most famous old-fashio[...]

Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift in Glasgow

Christmas is associated with glowing lights, warmth, and friendliness. And during modern times to a growing extent also with last minute shopping sprees and crowded malls. Looking for a bit of  everything? You've come to the right place. In case you're not yet feeling christmassy at this time of year, begin your Glasgow tour at George Square. Located [...]

Attic Vintage: Las Vegas' best kept secret

I came to Vegas with only one thing to do on my list: i needed to find a vintage shop. When I thought of Nevada's sin city, what came to my mind were tall women in glamorous gowns with high heels and feather boas, standing by the gambling tables watching their husbands and sugar daddies lose a fortune or win big. Surely there would have to be a vintage shop [...]

My perfect day in Brooklyn

A few days in New York is never enough, in fact I don't think a lifetime is enough to appreciate this amazing city. On my bucket-list for my last trip to the big apple was spending time across the river in Dumbo & venturing into Brooklyn, an area I'd never explored before. As luck had it, or didn't have it in this case, my 4 day Brooklyn sejour was cut s[...]

Retro motel glamour

I sometimes believe I was born & raised in the wrong decade. Although the 90's brought me great joy (thanks mainly to the Spice Girls) I often wish I could have been a Travelette from another time, specifically the 1960's or early 1970's. So yes it was before the days of the cheap flights, hair straighteners and travel blogging, but there was something s[...]

A market lovers guide to Brussels

From flea markets, to flower markets, and food markets, us Travelettes love markets, and we just can't get enough! So imagine my surprise when reading "Top 10 European Flea Markets", in The Guardian, and discovering that Brussels has some of the best markets (especially flea markets) in Europe! After receiving the official news about the greatness of my city[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Surviving Khao San Road

After returning from my recent trip to Thailand, people asked what my highlight was. It was definitely different from my first trip to the country of smiles and Pad Thai noodles, all three years ago (wow, time flies!). My new answer was Bangkok. The capital city it was this time! I know we've been going on about our love for Bangkok before, but Thailand gets[...]

Melbourne’s First Travelettes Flea Market

Dear Ladies of the World, If you are currently in the beautiful and cultural city of Melbourne, please do make sure you swing past our first Australian Flea Market! It's being held on Saturday 10th March. I have met so many lovely girls who are worrying slightly about how they’re going to get their hands on the cash that will make their trip enjoyable… S[...]

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