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The best city timelapse videos from around the world

The world keeps turning, the trees keep growing, the city lights keep shining bright and someone, somewhere may be shooting a timelapse video of it all. Just under a year ago I picked up a semi-decent camera for the first time and I made a commitment to improve my photography and so far I'm happy with the results of this relationship. However, I know [...]

Rineke Dijkstra and the stories her photographs tell

We see millions of images every day.  Every moment we see is a small picture that flashes through our brain and into our core.  Some images rush out of our minds forever, and some will never leave us. These fleeting memory portraits can become distorted over time, turning some into facades on inflated pedestals, and unfairly demoting others.  However a mi[...]

The Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali

Imagine strolling through a lush, green forest, engulfed in a sea of leafy tree branches hanging low to the ground. You can hear water gushing in the distance and the air smells sweet of exotic flowers. As you round a corner, you are suddenly standing in an open space. But you are not alone. Around you, there are more than 50 monkeys sitting on the paveme[...]

Sex on a plane: Flamingo Air lets customers get it on

Is your marriage feeling drab? Lacking the sparkle in your relationship? Where's the excitement gone?? Fear not, ladies! The Cincinnati Airline, Flamingo Air in Ohio, U.S.A have a professionally discreet service aboard their sightseeing flights that has proven exceptionally popular for couples whom want fireworks injected into their sex lives. Heard of the M[...]

Through the eyes of Sonia Gil

Sonia Gil has a tick-tic. Every single one of her videos starts with a tick-tick and then she takes us on a journey to places all over the world. There, she shares her view of the place, a special tip or two and an inside perspective on the people living there. Sonias speaks five languages which allows her to talks to locals and find our first hand what is b[...]


It's so lovely to hear from other female travelers who are inspired and motivated by Travelettes.net. Especially from girls who are undergoing their travels right now, blogging/recording/filming their adventures for the world to follow and share their laughs, tears, traumas and memories. And here is a perfect example of such a thing: MISSADVENTURES. O.k[...]

Seanna Sharpe: Inspiring the Impossible

"When I fly, people forget everything they thought they knew about impossible." -Seanna Sharpe Is anything really impossible?  I personally think it is a silly word that gets used entirely too much for the good of anyone. For example, whenever I get back from a trip abroad people always tell me how much they wish they could just pack up and go on an adven[...]

A different point of view on...Malaysia

The soundless step of a scorpion, the lacrimal on a monkeys eye ball, soft swaying leaves of giant trees and the twist of an old wood waiting in the moist afternoon air... With Christopher Moon's eye for framing, stunning details and the gentle voice of the narrator Terry Burns, stunning details and captivating use of slow motion James W. Griffith[...]

The Travelettes TV Guide to the Catalan Pyrenees

Spain is probably one of the most diverse countries I know. On one hand you have the Balearic Islands with their party people AND gorgeous landscape. On the other hand you have the Canary Islands with their eternal spring and gorgeous landscapes. However, both are completely different to one another. And then finally there is the mainland with fascinating[...]

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