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Up on the Roof: New York's Skyline Spaces

The streets of New York usually allow only two viewing directions: People either stare upwards or gaze down from the city's skyscrapers, either looking to catch some rays of the rare sunlight or exploring the urban canyon far away from the noise of the busy streets. But this wouldn't be New York if it didn't offer another perspective. Besides the streets,[...]

Marfa – Discovering Modern Art in the Texas Desert

Imagine a tiny town in the high desert of far West Texas. A place that was once established as a water stop, named after a character from a novel, and that is now famous for art installations and mysterious ghost lights. Sounds intriguing? Welcome to the City of Marfa. I first heard about this far away place when reading an article about the Prada[...]

5 Pointz - the heart of street art in NYC

New York is a city of superlatives – a place where everything is considered bigger, better, and brighter. It's no surprise the city is home to one of the largest street art collections in the world: 5 Pointz. While graffiti and New York may be associated with dark backstreets somewhere deep in the Bronx, this world famous street art Mecca is located in an [...]

Where Neon City rests its Bones

When visitors think of Las Vegas, naturally everything glitz and glamour will spring to their mind: streets lined with posh hotels, world-famous show attractions, and 24-hour nightlife. Towering above the crowds, billboards and high-tech video screens in colorful hues vie for the stunned visitor's attention. And yet, one of the world's most famous old-fashio[...]

The Mermaids of Weeki Wachee Springs

When I first visited Weeki Wachee Springs, I was seven years old and immediately fascinated with the place. I don't quite remember the beautiful scenery, the palm trees, and the crystal clear water in detail but what really amazed me were the Weeki Wachee mermaids who dove in the spring and performed effortlessly on the underwater stage. They seemed perfectl[...]

Dear Grand Canyon, I love you

You are strong and beautiful, you stand tall, are full of surprises and you are famous around the world. Dear Grand Canyon, I have a confession to make... when I first saw you I got butterflies in my stomach, my legs were shaking and couldn't stop staring at you... for hours! You got me and will remain in my heart forever.... My first trip to the gran[...]

Experience the Super Bowl & win a weekend in Munich

What do you think is the biggest and most-watched sports event in the world? You have Olympics of course. And then there is the undeniable World Cup.  But another massive sporting event to excite the masses is the Super Bowl! The Super Bowl is the finale of the US American Football profi league referred to as NFL. Every year it draws millions of Americans i[...]

Six Flags: Louisiana's ghost town

Halloween might have been months ago now but that doesn't mean that we've had our spook fill for the year. What is it about an amusement park, that when abandoned, becomes a spooky place where only an eerie silence descends and the dammed roam at night? When driving through Louisana this fall en route from New Orleans to the swamp (more on that to com[...]

5 Reasons to go to... Burning Man

I’m a self-admitted festival hussie.  My parents were huge hippies and I grew up going to lots of festivals and giant outdoor concerts, and as an adult I’ve been to and worked at my fair share.  But no other week has blown my mind and changed me as much as going to Burning Man. playa hearts In San Francisco I take it for granted everyone knows about [...]

Snuba diving

Have you ever heard of snuba-diving? If you thought I've confused the C for an N here (as in scuba), you thought wrong. The word Snuba is composed of the two words snorkel and scuba. And that's pretty much what it is, something in between the two. Snuba divers use also swimfins, a diving mask, harness, regulator and weights as in scuba diving. Pretty much[...]

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