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The Travelettes Guide to Diving

Hi, my name is Annika and I am an addict. Unfortunately, the place I am staying at right now has signs all over the place saying 'Fuel your addiction'. So what can a girl do, but give into temptation and... go diving?! Ever since my last Thailand trip when I took my first breath underwater I have been completely addicted to diving and it seems whomever I [...]

Surfing Europe - Impressions from the GoPro

"You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” - Jon Kabat-Zinn When I first started surfing about three years ago I knew that this new hobby was here to stay. In the years that followed I began choosing travel destinations mainly base don wave power and water temperature and grew to know some of the best surf spots around the world. During my[...]

Ariel’s Revenge - Cancun's Underwater Movie Set

So, the story of The Little Mermaid involved, erm, a little mermaid who found herself on land surrounded by humans and being expected to blend right in with her pretty little feet and seashell bra. Right? Well, although growing a tail and flipping about with the dolphins was probably just a pipedream for many of you, there is a person who has flipped the e[...]

Underwater worlds by Elena Kalis

Her facebook page reads "I am underwater photographer based in The Bahamas" and had I not already been familiar with the work of Elena Kalis I think I might hate her just from this statement alone – jealousy is a horrible thing! However my case of location envy is soon replaced by the sheer awe Elena inspires with her work. Quite simply, her photographs ar[...]

4 Easy Ways to Get Great Underwater Photos

I’ve always been interested in underwater photography and can spend hours looking at incredible water snaps of surfers, fish or aquatic adventures. In attempt to recreate some of this magic I've been exploring options which would allow me to dive into the world of underwater photography. Photo by James R.D. Scott Photo by Micah Camara The easiest, chea[...]

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