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Hotels we love: Fellah Hotel, Tassoultante

Today I'm working from bed. And no, thanks for worrying, but I'm not sick, I'm just traveling and I need to get some stuff done. I think the myth that travel writers frequently work on the beach has been thoroughly debunked – too much sun, sand, and distractions holding a surfboard. However there are some spots that I think excellent for writing while on t[...]

Beirut Diaries: The thing with new beginnings

The thing with new beginnings is that you can never be quite sure whether taking the risk was worth it until you’re all happy and settled in. I’ve had a lot of new beginnings over the years so I knew that feeling low without any legitimate reason in the first few days, questioning that entire decision and feeling like you’ll never fit in anywhere (pard[...]

American Girl in Italy: The Travel Story Behind the Iconic Picture

A striking young woman, draped in a wide shawl, majestically walks up a street corner in Florence. Fifteen Italian men are looking at her, captivated (some manifesting their interest in a more subtle manner than others). This is American Girl in Italy by Ruth Orkin, and it is one of the most famous street photographs of the 20th century. © Ruth Orkin, used[...]

Why I prefer to travel alone

Frankie beautifully described in her Valentine's post the pros and cons of travelling with a partner. Since I don't have a boyfriend or preferred travel buddy I am here to tell you how awesome travelling on your own is. I think the most common argument why people don't travel is either “I don't have money” or “I don't have anyone to go with”. Whil[...]

50 Reasons Why It Might Be Time To Go Home

I love to travel, so please don’t let the title of this post make you think otherwise! But if you’re a traveller who tends to take fatty chunks of time off to live the life of a backpacking nomad, you’ll understand that sometimes it can get to the point where you can feel, in your gut, that it is just time to go home. And hey, that’s ok! I remember a[...]

The Piano Man of New York City

Most of us are – hopefully – happy or at least content with the way their lives go; chasing their dreams with more or less commitment. But what do you do if you feel like this just isn't the way you've planned it, that there is something more to the monotonous everyday routine? Let me introduce you to the "world's happiest man", whose ambitions now made [...]

77 signs that you're a traveller for life...

Last weekend I travelled back to the UK from the Netherlands for a family gathering and being the nonchalant travel professional that I am, I was running (very, very) late. As I walked (ahem, raced) through Schiphol's main entrance I realised I had only eleven minutes to make it to my gate before it closed, including the dreaded walk through security. I got [...]

100 Things I've Learnt While Backpacking

We all love to travel. It inspires us, motivates us, improves us... and provides great tales that you can share and hold in your heart for decades. Whatever your trip brings you; good times or bad times, you can be sure that'll leave a lasting impression on your and affect you more than you realise. So when you start scratching your head and thinking about w[...]

The HUSH Project: Travelling the World in the Name of Love

Let me tell you about a guy from New York City. He is a singer/songwriter and self-proclaimed hopeless romantic – a species of which there are quite few among the city's 8 million souls. Like most people, this guy once went through a crazy love story which would drastically change his life. And, like some other inspired artists, this guy used music as an [...]

6 Top Things to do on Koh Tao, Thailand

The Urban Dictionary defines the term ‘Paradise’ as a version of heaven minus the clouds, harps, angels etc, but typically seen as an ideal place of beauty such as a massive lush garden with every known exotic plant, animal and bird. This seems to describe the little island of Koh Tao perfectly. However, take this idea of paradise and factor in a long li[...]

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